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Seattle, WA Area.

PO Box 30909
Seattle, WA 98117
(206) 457-2748

Regal stands for a notable excellence or magnificence. That is how we believe “Our work stands above the rest”. Our team takes pride in their workmanship from the owners to the crew.

The owners of Regal Roofing & Contracting, LLC have over 30 years of roofing and construction experience each. When you need a contractor you should expect they have the knowledge and skill to perform the task that you have hired them for. Regal Roofing & Contracting has those attributes.

  • Shingle roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • Shake roofs
  • Re-roofing
  • Roof repair
Verifications & Credentials

Verified Credentials:

  • Local license verified - Department of Labor and Industries - General Contractor #CC01 REGALRL897ML
  • Liability insurance verified - $1,000,000 of coverage, policy #0100002622-0
  • Certification verified - CertainTeed MasterShingle Applicator
  • Facebook verified
  • Website verified

* Credentials are verified when a roofer is first listed.  License, insurance, certifications, etc.. can change and expire, so reconfirm credentials directly from the roofing contractor at the time of the estimate.

Regal Roofing & Contracting LLC
Verified Reviews
Real feedback from real customers
Reviews for Regal Roofing & Contracting, LLC
Kristin A.
Seattle, WA

I had some leaks on the roof of my home, and I needed them repaired before the heavy rains started. Regal Roofing & Contracting arrived as scheduled and finished the repairs in just a day. I haven't noticed any leaks since. They did a good job and I would recommend them to others.

Ray L.
Kent, WA

The house was built in 1985 and had a 10 year old roof. This was the first time I needed any repairs on it. Regal came in and did a good job with the repair. They only charged me for labor since I had a pack of shingles in the garage they used.

Kristin A.
Renton, WA

One of the units in a duplex I own had a roof leak that leaked into the living room. We went with Regal roofing for the repair, and they did a great job and cleaned up their mess when they were done.

Brian G.
Everett, WA

Our commercial roof had multiple leaks that needed to be patched up. Regal Roofing did the repair work and did a good job. I will definitely use them again if I need to.

Philippe C.
Edmonds, WA

The roof of our two-story commercial building was replaced with new 35-year composition roofing. I am very satisfied with Regal Roofing's work. They were very thorough and worked hard to get the job done right. They even worked in between downpours. The estimate was very upfront and reasonable. I never had any problem with them.

Anna U.
Seattle, WA

We had the roofing company patch up a small area where some shingles had blown off in a windstorm. I was really happy with Regal Roofing. They came out here promptly and worked really quick. They gave me helpful recommendations on how to better maintain the roof. I like that they were not pushy with their services. They even took pictures of the work they did on the roof to show me exactly what they did. Great work overall and I highly recommend them.

Mercer Island, WA

We needed some minor repair work done on a 4x4 ft area that was leaking. The roofers sealed up the leaks and re-flashed around the chimney. The guys from Regal Roofing came out two days after the estimate to work on it. Everything went well; no complaints here.

Carl B.
Seattle, WA

We had a 20 square foot area of our shingle roof that leaked. We were told that the roof didn't require a complete replacement, so we ahead and replaced only the damaged section with new asphalt shingles. Regal Roofing got the the job. They were very responsive and answered all of my questions. Everything was explained to me in detail. I also took note of their good attention to protecting the surrounding areas. I have lots of plants around the area where they worked, and I am happy nothing got damaged during the work. The only "negative" was that I found about 10 leftover nails laying around the yard. It became a little bit of a danger for my pets that walk around the area, but it wasn't that big of a deal. I picked them up myself. Despite that little gripe, I would still recommend them to others needing a roofing contractor.

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Regal Roofing & Contracting, LLC

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