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Metal Roofers in Seattle, WA

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PO Box 30909Seattle, WA 98117

Regal Roofing assures our customers a metal roof that is durable, strong and fire resistant. We utilize two types of metal roofing panels, standing seam and exposed fasteners. Metal roofing also comes in shingle form and is a thinner metal then the panels. Metal shingles are embossed to replicate other types of roofing shingles, but with the strength and durability of metal.

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10723 Exeter Ave NESeattle, WA 98125

Sharp Roofing is a Seattle-based roofing contractor specializing in roof replacement. We offer expertise in all major types of roofing, including metal roofs. Our roofing technicians bring a wealth of industry knowledge and professionalism to the job site.  We are fully certified by several major roofing manufacturers. Call today for a free metal roofing estimate.

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4827 S 166Th StSeattle, WA 98188

Forever Roofing carefully plans your roofing project to meet your budget and timeline. We offer several roofing options to choose from including metal roofs for residential and commercial structures. Metal is a durable roofing material that will last the lifetime of the home. 

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Serving Seattle, WA

Metal roofing is a specialty roofing material that will last the lifetime of the roof. It comes in a variety of different designs and materials and can be applied with stone-coated steel application, aluminum or metal panels. We are a fully licensed and insured contractor that has experience with specialty roofing.

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More on Metal Roofs

Importance of Performing Metal Roof Repairs Quickly

If your metal roof is leaking, it's critical to find the source of the leak and get it repaired as soon as possible. Water is the enemy when it comes to roofing—a small leak can turn into a big problem if ignored.

The cost of metal roof repair is inexpensive compared to the cost of repairing extensive water damage down the road. You could end up needing a total roof replacement, new ceilings, insulation, structural repairs, and/or damaged siding replacement if a leak goes unchecked.

Coating a Metal Roof

While metal roofs are very durable, coating a metal roof can further protect it from the elements.

Benefits of coating a metal roof:

  • Seals the metal
  • Repairs minor leaks
  • Covers lightly compromised seams
  • Fills cracks
  • Encapsulates rust, preventing further corrosion

Reflective coatings have the added benefit of moderating temperature, alleviating the expansion and contraction cycle caused by wide ranges in temperature. This helps keep fastener holes and sealants from weakening as quickly.

Before applying any coating, heavily rusted areas will need to be removed or treated with a corrosion inhibiting primer. If the roof has “white rust,” the roof can be coated after a thorough cleaning.

Learn more about metal roofing: Metal Roof Repair 101


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