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Find top-rated roofing contractors in Henderson, TX and nearby Texas cities. See roofers' credentials and trusted reviews from real customers so you can select the right contractor for your project. For free roofing estimates, call or contact roofers you select directly.

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Hometown verifies roofing contractor credentials and collects trusted reviews on roofers in Hometown's across America. Currently, we have not pre-screened any roofing companies in your area, but we can still make it simple for you to receive free estimates on your roof. Just request a free quote and Hometown will forward your request on to a few of the most reputable roofers in your area, requesting they contact you regarding your roof.
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Unverified Roofing Contractors

A-1 Roof Contractor
1163 County Road 307d, Henderson, TX 75654
(903) 657-5126
D & D Roofing
116 E Avalon Ave, Longview, TX 75602
(903) 236-3462
Advanced Roofing Services
113 Avenue C, Longview, TX 75604
(903) 759-9298
Hayes Miller Roofing Inc
505 E Cotton St, Longview, TX 75601
(903) 758-2797
Tuel Clint Roofing
1301 Pine Tree Rd, Longview, TX 75604
(903) 759-9137
J B Roofing Fax
3806 Clarkway Pl, Longview, TX 75605
(903) 759-2332
Fuller Sheet Metal
517 Delia Dr, Longview, TX 75601
(903) 247-1147
ABC Roofing & Construction
1219 Heather Ln, Longview, TX 75604
(903) 759-0323

Henderson Roofing Contractor Selection Tips

Simple steps to hiring a quality roofer in Henderson

  1. View the contractors verified credentials, experience, skills, and reviews
  2. Contact one or more roofing companies, discuss your needs, and schedule a time for an estimate.
  3. During the estimate, ask a few questions of the roofing company representative.
  • Do you have evidence of license and insurance certificates?
  • What type of guarantees do you offer on materials and workmanship?
  • Is the estimate and the guarantee in writing?
  • Do you have any recent homeowner or business owner references from other Henderson re-roofing projects?
  • If you're requesting estimates for a specialized roofing material like metal, does the roofer have experience as a metal roofing contractor, or is their experience solely in shingles?
  • Call or email the roofer's references to determine how satisfied they were with the quality of the roof contractor's work.
  • Select the roofing contractor that you trust and offers you the best overall value. Value includes quality and price. Don't automatically choose the roofer with the lowest price. There are a lot of "fly-by-night" roofing contractors out there that may provide a low bid and then proceed to provide you poor service and a poorly done roof. Select the contractor that is trustworthy, offers professional credentials, and a fair price.
  • Do roofers in Henderson, TX charge for estimates?

    Most Henderson roofers will provide a free written estimate on your roof. A few roofers charge a small service call fee for roof repair estimates (while roof replacement estimates remain free). The small fee for roof repair estimates charged by some roofers can often be applied to the cost of the repair if you hire that particular roofer to complete the repair.

    How much does it typically cost to replace my roof?

    Roof size, location, number of layers to remove, roofing material, slope of the roof, and complexity of the roof all can have a major impact on the cost to replace a roof. All of these variables make it nearly impossible to give an accurate "ballpark" roof estimate. Roofing prices for a full roof tear off and replacement range from $250 per square up to $1200 per square. A "square" in roofing means 100 square feet of roof. "Per square" is often the way roofing prices are quoted.

    Here's a ballpark example (remember, this example may bear no resemblance to your circumstances or estimate... so don't hold your Henderson roofer to this number). A 20 square roof (2000 square feet of roof) with one layer of shingles to tear off, low to moderate slope and complexity, and a medium quality shingle selected may be installed for around $350 per square, or $7000 (20 square X $350 per square).

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