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JJ Superior Inc.

Chicago, IL Area.

4302 Warren Ave.
Hillside, IL 60162
(708) 544-3757

JJ Superior Inc. is located in Hillside, IL and takes great pride in offering high-quality services to the greater Chicago area. We offer comprehensive sheet metal services, designed to assist in a variety of projects. We also offer great roofing services that are built to last. Next time you’re in need of top-rate sheet metal and a team of experienced professionals, look no further than JJ Superior Inc!

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  • Sheet metal
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Mundelein, IL

I wanted to replace my 20-year-old 144 square-foot metal roof. JJ Superior did a great job. It was a fairly small job, but it took them 6 weeks to finish the project. I don't know if the material or the distributor was their problem, but it shouldn't have taken them that long. Although there was a delay, everything else went smoothly. The quality of their work was good and the new metal roof looks great, so I'm quite happy with the service that I got.

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JJ Superior Inc.

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