Roofing Cost

Hometown is making roofing costs more transparent.  We gather roofing cost details from actual projects, making it simple to get a ballpark understanding of the cost of roofing.

Of course, every roof is different. So if you request roofing estimates on your 6000 sq. ft. McMansion in Pleasantville, USA, don't get your undies in a bunch if your roofing prices come in higher than the double-wide in Crapsville you read about.

Recent Roofing Projects and Prices

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Reroof home in leisureville

Ridge Vent Roof Repair in Knoxville, TN

The job involved repairing a ridge vent on two different sections of our home. The repair included two separate visits by the roofer.

Final Cost:$900
Roofing Cost Details: 
$700 for the initial visit, $200 for the second service, repair on ridge vent

Residential Metal Roof Installation in Milton, WI

I have a 2-story farm house built in the late 1850's, with an addition in the 1920's. It's about 1,400 square feet, with a big front porch added in the 1980's. My 11 year old asphalt shingles had deteriorated very quickly over the summer, and I began to have some leaks. I had a new steel roof installed.

Booked Cost:$10,500
Roofing Cost Details: 
Two-story farm house built in 1850's, 11-year-old asphalt shingles were removed, steel roofing installed

Shingle Roof Repair in Rockford, MI

Repaired roof valley flashing that was too short.

Final Cost:$800

Roof Replacement in Jim Thorpe, PA

Tear off and replace shingle roof on 1800 sq. ft. home. Home has two levels of roof with a 5 degree grade. 25-30 yrs Dimensional GAF, replaced some of the rotted plywood as well.

Final Cost:$8,600
Roofing Cost Details: 
Replace 1800 sq. ft. shingles, 2 levels, 5 degree grade, replaced rotted plywood, 25-30 yrs Dimensional GAF

Shingle Roof Replacement in South Toms River, NJ

Shingle roof replacement around 1,025-1,050 sq. ft. Also replaced 10 sheets of rotted plywood. Came back with 15 year (mildew warranty) Certainteed shingles.

Final Cost:$5,000
Roofing Cost Details: 
1,025-1,050 sq. ft. shingle roof replacement, replaced 10 sheets of rotted plywood, 15 year (mildew warranty), Certainteed shingles

Roof Replacement in Dickinson, TX

Roof needed replacement. Replaced shingles and changed roofline/pitch on part of the roof to match the main house.

Final Cost:$10,000
Roofing Cost Details: 
Two level ranch, architectural shingles, 30 year warranty on shingle, 10 year warranty on labor

Shingle Roof Replacement in North Riverside, IL

A tree fell on our house, damaging our roof, siding, gutters, and fascia. The inside ceiling was cracked and in need of repair. Wind damage also left us in need of a garage roof.

Final Cost:$12,000
Roofing Cost Details: 
Roof replacement, siding, gutters, fascia, cracked ceiling

Shingle Roof Replacement in West Nyack, NY

The cedar shingles on our large high ranch needed to be updated.

Final Cost:$26,000
Roofing Cost Details: 
Roofing and siding

Shingle Roof Repair in East Grand Rapids, MI

I needed an emergency repair on a shingle roof. Several shingles were missing with a lot of rain in the forecast.

Final Cost:$300
Roofing Cost Details: 
Same day emergency shingle roof repair

Shingle Roof Replacement in Fort Worth, TX

I wish to upgrade from 3-tab shingles to Owens Corning Architectural Shingles.

Final Cost:$6,000
Roofing Cost Details: 
Ranch style house, shingle roof replacement, lifetime warranty for material, one-year warranty on labor

Roof Leak Repair in Clinton, UT

I had some leaking issues on the slanted roof of my 1,700 square foot, 2-story house, and I need it repaired immediately.

Final Cost:$250
Roofing Cost Details: 
Shingle roof leak repair, 1,700 sq ft two-story house

Roof Leak Repair in Manteca, CA

One of the rental properties I manage had a leak on the vaulted ceiling where the kitchen is located, and I needed it repaired before the next rain.

Final Cost:$500

Rubber Roofing in in Rochester, NH

We had a new addition to our office building and we needed to have the flat roof covered with rubber roofing.

Roofing Cost Details: 
Installation of new rubber roof on additional structure.

Shingle Roof Replacement in Jacksonville, FL

Needed shingle roof replaced

Final Cost:$8,400