Roofing Marketing

1.  Marketing for Roofers That Grows Your Business

Roofing Marketing from Hometown helps you get found and grow your business. Each month, thousands of people visit to find a roofing contractor. Homeowners and business owners near your hometown see your advertisement and contact you directly. 

We don't capture the lead and automatically forward it out to you and your 5 closest competitors the way some roofing marketing companies do.  If the homeowner decided to call you, the call is forwarded directly to you.  So each roofing contractor gets fewer leads (since we don't automatically resell the same lead 5 times) and the leads you do receive are of higher quality.   That means you can close a higher percentage of roofing leads and grow your business at a lower marketing cost.

2.  Contractor-Friendly Marketing that Removes Your Risk

Contractors get locked into expensive and risky roofing marketing ideas all the time.  At Hometown, we keep it simple and contractor friendly.  How's this for a roofing marketing strategy? 

  • Roofing advertising (listings, websites, etc...) is always free 
  • Pay a small roofing marketing fee when a new customer calls or contacts you directly from the advertising
  • Never pay for clicks... only requests for estimates
  • Cancel anytime for any reason
  • Every lead is human-validated for quality
  • 100% marketing transparency - see the name, number, date and time of every roofing lead generated... even listen to the recorded call
  • NO set up fees*
  • NO automatic monthly marketing fees
  • NO lock-in contract requiring a long-term marketing commitment

* Contractors with "high risk" credit score have a $199 set up fee

3.  A Marketing Team that Simplifies Your Life

Roofing contractor marketing should be simple, cost effective, and risk-free.  Hometown helps you grow your business without the hassle. 

Simplified Content Creation

We ask you a handful of questions and then we build out all of your roofing marketing content. You're not expected to write your own listings or your own website content. We take care of that for you at no cost. You review the content after its up and let us know if you want any changes.

Simplified Online Reputation Management

Most roofing contractors don't have time to cultivate a good online reputation by following up with their customers and asking for online reviews.   So most roofers end up with no online reputation or a poor reputation because the few reviews they do have are from an unsatisfied customer or from a sneaky competitor who tries to undermine your business.  Having zero reputation or a negative online reputation is a big problem for many roofing contractors because over 80% of customers are consulting reviews now before they make a buying decision.

We think this is pretty important, so we decided to do the heavy lifting for you.  We contact your customers (the customers who found you through Hometown's roofing advertisements) and collect honest feedback in the form of reviews.  There's no work required on your part.  With a good online reputation, you can begin to convert more prospects into new customers... up to 3X as many!

Simplified Billing

We charge your credit card once a month for the unique, validated leads that you received the previous month. You pay per lead with no other costs.  Zero leads means zero cost for the month.  If you ever think our Quality Assurance team "missed one" and you were billed for a low quality lead, just call or email and we'll take care of it for you. 

Simplified Customer Service

Hometown has a dedicated Client Care team that is second to none in simplifying your life.  We have some the highest client satisfaction scores in the industry. In our latest customer satisfaction survey, over 95% of Hometown clients were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with Hometown's customer service!  Unlike some roofing marketing companies, Hometown's Client Care team is always available via phone or email.

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