Roof Repair Contractors

If you're the handy type and prefer do-it-yourself roof repairs, remember that roof repair is not like repairing drywall or fixing a leaky faucet. Not only is it dangerous performing repairs 30 - 40 feet up in the air, but it's difficult to save much on roof repairs completed on your own anyway.

For those who prefer the simple route, Hometown helps you find roof repair contractors that are reliable and affordable. Hometown Roofing Contractors verifies credentials, collects real reviews, and publishes roof repair costs to help you find a roof repair company you can trust.

Find Roof Repair Contractors by State

The Best Roof Repair Contractors:

  • Fully describe the nature of roof problem and the fix
  • Are honest about the "repair vs. replace" question
  • Have experience repairing your particular roofing material (shingle, tile, metal, etc..)
  • Respond quickly to emergency roof repairs
  • Have evidence of roofing license and insurance
  • Offer a guarantee the roof repair won't leak
  • Assist with insurance claims if a full roof replacement is required and covered by insurance