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Brown Roofing is Naugatuck’s oldest roofing company, serving the community since 1972. We offer a variety of key services for residential and commercial clients, including roof repair, replacement, siding, gutters, insurance claims assistance and related services. We’re a GAF Certified roofing contractor offering some of the best roof materials warranties in the industry. Get in touch with our friendly staff to discuss your roofing project today!

* Credentials are verified when a roofer is first listed.  License, insurance, certifications, etc.. can change and expire, so reconfirm credentials directly from the roofing contractor at the time of the estimate.

Reviews for Brown Roofing Co
Ray S.
Naugatuck, CT

Couldn't be happier with the work of Brown Roofing


The guys at Brown Roofing are unbelievable. I'm glad I went with a local roofer for the job. They de-roofed and took all the shingles off, along with all the old paper. They replaced 2 pieces of sheathing material and hauled away all the old stuff. They used 50-year GAF shingles and gave me 20 years on the work that they did. They put a new ridge vent along the whole peak of the roof. The roof has a reverse dormer and they put a ridge vent on that and then they put all the appropriate sheathing, water and ice shields. They deserve every bit of praise they get because these guys were quality workers. The work was completed in about 7 hours, and they cleaned up the yard very well. There were no nails or shingles left lying around. It was just perfect and I've never seen that kind of efficiency. Quality and nice people too.



Waterbury, CT Area

469 Skokorat Rd
Beacon Falls, CT 06403