Real Roofing Reviews

Shocking news... many of the roofing reviews on the Web today are not real.  We think fake roofing reviews on the web are ruining the world... one leaky roof at a time.  Just when this internet thing was starting to go so well, too.

With Hometown Roofing Contractors, every roofing review is real.  One can't just create an identity and get a roofing company review published on themself, a relative, or a competitor.  We human-verify that every review is un-biased and comes from an actual customer.  How?  When people hire a roofer they found on Hometown, we follow up directly (typically via phone) to collect a review of the roofing contractor's performance.  Reviews are only published if it comes from a verified customer.

Roofing Review Fakers... We Know Who You Are

Less than authentic roofing reviews on other sites are always submitted incognito by someone with a self-interest.  But we know who these folks are and what they write in their reviews.

  • Roofing contractors on themselves:
    "I'm awesome. I'm the best roofer I've ever known."
  • Roofing contractors on competitors:
    "He's horrible. He's the worst roofer I've ever known."
  • Moms of roofing contractors:
    "5 star roofer!  From what my boy tells me, he's really good at roofing."
  • Ex-spouses of roofers:
    "This roofing contractor nearly ruined my life! I will never forgive this roofer.  Never!"
  • Roofing company employees:
    "5 stars!  I sure would like to keep collecting this regular paycheck."
  • Overseas review writers for hire:
    "This rolfing cantracter is terifik!  Only 25 more fabricated reviews to go. Cha-ching!"

A Hometown Review is a Real Review

Sorry, roofer's mom.  Sorry, overseas review writer.  You won't have any luck with Hometown Roofing Contractors.  Hometown only publishes roofing reviews we can verify came from a real customer.