10 Reasons to Use Hometown's Lead Generation for Roofers

1. We are the #1 source for new roofing customers nationwide.

More roofing customers visit HometownRoofingContractors.com to find a roofer than any other source in America. Hundreds of thousands of potential customers visit every year.

Get found here. You'll get more jobs and grow your business.

2. HometownLocal knows roofing.

Most lead generators are "catch-all" services that do not understand roofing contractors or their business. HometownLocal has specialized in roofing and a few related areas since 2009. This helps us provide more relevant leads and a higher level of customer service. 

3. Paying per lead is less risky than automatic, monthly fees.

Contractors shouldn’t have to pay for roofing marketing and advertising unless it works to generate new customer leads. With HometownLocal's "pay per lead" marketing, there are NO automatic, monthly payments.

We take all the risk out of marketing. If no quality leads are generated, then there’s no cost. Simple as that.

4. Customers find you and request a quote. You decide.

You have the option to allow new customers to contact you via 1) online quote requests, or 2) direct phone calls.

Online quote requests offer great flexibility, giving you the option to quote the job or not. Here's how they work:

  • Customer chooses you, requesting a quote via your "Get a Quote" online form.
  • We email/text you the job description and location. You decide whether to quote the job.
  • Accept the lead and we instantly provide you the customer's full contact details.
  • Decline the lead and you won't be charged. You're in control.

5. Direct phone calls are the best leads you can get.

With direct phone leads, we add a tracking phone number to all of your content that forwards directly to you. Many customers want to take action right now and a direct phone call is their preferred method.

Over 90% of our roofing clients request phone leads. Why? Because customers calling you directly is the best lead you can get. Act quickly to set up an appointment and you may be the only contractor quoting the job.

Over 90% of our roofing clients request phone leads.

We have a team that "human-validates" every phone lead for quality... so you're never charged for solicitations, wrong numbers, or callbacks from the same customer. 

At Hometown’s Lead Tracking Center, we offer complete transparency for phone leads. You can listen to the recorded call and see the name, number, date, and time of every phone lead generated from your roofing advertising.

6. Online visibility throughout your service area... at no cost.

Hometown Roofing Contractors has a strong online presence throughout America. Just tell us the geography that you want jobs. We'll give you strong visibility in every small town, every suburb, and every city you serve. 

Whether you have a website or not doesn’t matter. Hometown does all the work to build you lead-generating content that attracts new customers, and you don't have to lift a finger.  And professional visibility doesn't cost a penny.

7. No long-term contract removes all of your risk.

Run away from any marketing service that locks you into a 3, 6, 12, or 24-month commitment. Why would a lead service need to “lock you in” if they’re confident you’ll want to stay? No contract required here.

Any contractor that is not happy can discontinue leads at any time, for any reason.

8. Got reviews? HometownRep builds your online reputation for free.

More than 80% of customers want to read reviews from past customers before hiring a roofer. Reviews or a lack of reviews impact your ability to get new jobs. 

HometownRep is our free, no-hassle way for a contractor to establish a strong reputation online.

All new roofing clients are automatically enrolled in the free version of our HometownRep program, where we collect and publish trusted reviews from customers that find you on Hometown Roofing Contractors. HometownRep makes it simple to ensure your online reputation isn't defined by a lack of reviews or a single bad review. 

HometownRep reviews are trusted by Google and often show up in the "Reviews from the Web" section of your "Google My Business" listing as a trusted source of reviews.

9. Valuable leads at prices that won't break the bank.

We take great pride in providing valuable leads, hometown service, and a fair price. Lead costs vary by project type. The cost for a direct introduction to a new customer starts at $14 for the smaller jobs and ranges up to $55 for the largest, commercial jobs.

Leads for large residential jobs like replacing a shingle roof or installing a metal roof are only $39... a great value for jobs that can bring in several thousand dollars of new revenue.

10. Professional content creation is free and hassle-free.

HometownLocal does all the work to give you a professional image online. We create or format your logo, write your profile and listings to your specifications, pull in your images, and gather reviews from real customers. We work hard to simplify your life so you can focus on doing what you do best.

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