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Roofers in New Ulm, MN

Mike Hansen Roofing

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Serving New Ulm, MN

With more than 25 years of experience in the roofing industry, you can rely on Mike Hansen Roofing for consistent, precise, safely-executed services. Based in Mankato, MN, their mission is to achieve excellence in the art of roofing.

Kato Roofing Inc

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Serving New Ulm, MN

At Kato Roofing, they recognize the realities of properly maintaining a home. If you're in Minnesota or the Upper Midwest area, Kato would be happy to assist in accomplishing your next roofing project.

Lacina Siding & Windows

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Serving New Ulm, MN

Lacina Siding & Windows, Inc. has been BBB accredited since 2004. With an A+ rating, they work hard to maintain that hard-earned reputation by offering highly effective roofing services, as well as siding, windows, doors, and more.

More Roofing Tips

How much does a new roof system cost?

The cost of a new roof system varies quite a bit and depends on:

  • the materials selected
  • the contractor doing the work
  • the size of the home or building
  • location of the home or building
  • local labor rates
  • time of year

To get a good idea of the price you’ll pay for your roof system, reach out to at least three reputable roofers in your area.

Remember that the cost of your roof is only one factor to consider—a good price means nothing if it doesn’t come with high-quality workmanship and materials.

The type of roofing material and grade you choose will affect the price, as will the styles and shapes. There are countless choices available, so make sure you choose one base on your specific budget and roofing needs.

Similarly, your roofer’s expertise will affect cost as well. Regardless of price, you should insist on a contractor who is committed to providing high-quality work and not cutting corners.

When shopping for a new roof, the annual roofing cost is something to consider. This is because inexpensive roofs don’t generally last as long, so you’ll have to replace it sooner than you would a more expensive roof.

To determine annual roofing cost, divide the total cost (including materials and labor) by the roof’s life expectancy (in years).

Keep reading about overall roofing costs: 


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