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Request metal roofing in Rockford, IL from a highly rated roofer. Whether you need to repair or install steel roofing, aluminum, tin, or copper, work with a professional that has experience with metal roofs and is reputable.

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At Custom Construction Systems, we specialize in metal roofing installation for residential and commercial applications. Our trained, certified installers utilize top-quality products for a roof built to last a lifetime. For superior quality and prices that can’t be beat, give us a call today!

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With over 50 years of combined experience, our contractors install and repair metal roofing materials to manufacturer specifications. We provide distinctive quality and excellent customer service.

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Metal Roofing Tips

What are the advantages of metal roofing?

Metal roofing offers many advantages over other roofing systems:

  • Water resistance is excellent
  • Very durable and tough – long lifespan
  • Attractive looking and available in many different styles
  • Lighter than asphalt shingle or tile roofs

Are there any disadvantages of metal roofing?

The primary disadvantage of choosing a metal roof over other roofing systems is the cost. Metal roofing systems carry a larger upfront cost compared to asphalt or rubber roofing but also may last much longer.

Because of its high durability and long lifespan, steel or aluminum roofing offers a superior total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to other residential roofing choices. This makes it the best long-term roofing solution in terms of cost and performance.

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