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doing math on calculator
If you installed a new roof in the past two years, you may qualify for a tax credit from the federal government. Learn all about which materials are redeemable, how much the eligibility is worth, and how to file a claim.
solar shingle roof with pool
Tesla announced their plan to offer affordable solar shingles to homeowners, but the costs and availability haven't been clearly spelled out. Learn all about the most recent news, costs compared to solar panels, availability, and more.
solar shingles on roof
Solar shingles are set to become a popular choice for certain homeowners in the very near future. Familiarize yourself with how solar shingles work, how costly they are, what kind of shingles are available, and common concerns.
installing roof flashing
Roof flashing provides extra protection against water runoff and moisture penetration. Familiarize yourself with the various benefits of roof flashing, common areas where flashing can be most beneficial, what it’s made of, and much more.
steep modern roof pitch
Roof pitch is one of the most important factors when it comes to determining which material is suitable for your roof. Learn how to calculate your roof's pitch, the best materials for different roof pitches, and more with our FAQ.
roof in the rain
Storm debris from hurricanes, high winds, and other stormy weather can take a nasty toll on roofs all across the country. We'll outline tips for inspecting your roof properly and carefully after a storm.
house with standing seam metal roof
Standing seam metal is a versatile roofing option for homeowners. Learn all about this durable and popular metal roofing material, like how much it costs, how they work, and its advantages and disadvantages. 
house with metal roof tiles
The majority of metal roofs used in residential and commercial installations are made of either steel or aluminum. We'll outline the many different types of each material, their individual costs, available coatings, and much more.
man painting metal roof
In order to restore a metal roof's original appearance and protect it from rust, consider painting it. Learn all about the tips and tools needed to successfully paint your metal roof, and discover the steps to get the job done.
worker hammering in slate roof tiles
Durability and a long lifespan are arguably the most important aspects to consider when choosing roofing materials. We count down the 6 best roofing materials for longevity so you can determine which material is best for your roof.
roofers working on shingle roof
Not all improvement projects recoup your investment, but roof replacements can recoup all your money back (or more in some cases) upon resale. Learn why a quality roof replacement is one of the most valuable home improvement projects.
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Roof replacements are large, costly home projects that many homeowners encounter. Before hiring a contractor for the project, learn the basics about common roofing materials, prime seasons for getting your roof replaced, and more.
house in winter with snow on roof
It’s almost that time of year when the snow starts to fall. Contrary to what you may think, a solid layer of snow on your roof may actually be a good thing. Learn how to tell the difference between a good amount of snow and too much, and how to protect your home this winter.
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There are a number of issues that can arise when it comes to roofs, but there are ways to prepare yourself so you aren't caught off guard. Have your home regularly inspected and budget for unseen surprises to be as prepared as possible.
keep your roof clean to prolong its life
Every roof, over time, builds up a coat of organic debris from weather, tree branches, leaves, dirt, and more. Learn how cleaning your roof can prolong your roof's life, and see the various methods and pricing available.