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roof dormers add space and style to homes

Dormers are a great way to add function, style, and space to your home’s exterior. Because of their ability to add dimension and value to a home, dormers can be expensive and difficult to install. Learn more about different dormer types, associated costs, and more.
Heating cable on shingle roof

Image courtesy of Heat Trace Specialists Excessive and constant snow throughout the winter can pose significant problems for homeowners. The extra weight of snow and ice can cause long-term structural damage, moisture penetration, and more. Installing a heating cable on the roof will prevent excessive snow buildup and minimize potential roofing problems
plan your roof addition properly

Designing a roof addition for your home doesn’t have to be complicated. Ideally, the completed addition will blend seamlessly into the original part of the house. Follow these steps to ensure the process goes as seamlessly as possible.
winter house with snow on roof

Common roof issues that plague all homeowners can be made much worse by the constant freezing and thawing of winter activity. And while it can be hazardous to handle roofing problems during the winter, waiting until spring can make the existing problem worse.
roofer repairing tiles

A number of factors impact the final cost of a roof repair. We'll outline common causes of roof leaks, their sources, average repair costs for a 10 ft. x 10 ft. area, and more in our roof repair cost breakdown.
stay safe on your roof with a harness and brackets

For superior roof safety, utilize a safety harness and roof brackets when working on a roof. Although low-pitched roofs with secure footing may not require this, it is highly recommended in order to keep roofers and homeowners safe.
person using calculator and pencil to determine costs

Roof replacements can add up fast for homeowners. Materials and labor quickly add up, and without a plan, you can find yourself over budget. To ensure you stay on track and don’t spend more than you intend, keep in mind the following.
working on shingle roof

If you plan on reroofing or repairing major sections of your asphalt shingle roof yourself, you will need to plan for is the disposal of roofing materials. Knowing what can be recycled or put into landfills early makes for a much easier time disposing of asphalt shingles.
construction hat work gloves and ear protection against wood background

There are many safety precautions to account for when installing new shingles, fixing a minor repair, or cleaning out your gutters. Following a few basic safety procedures will decrease the chance of serious injury or even death.
roof with damaged gutter

Hiring a home inspector is a routine practice before homeowners sell a house. Home inspectors will look at everything, including your roof, so it’s important to prepare yourself for this step.
Fallen tree on top of roof

Severe storms can inflict massive damage to a home, especially a roof. Once your roof has been damaged, it's critical to act fast. As a homeowner, there are some steps you can take to minimize damage until a professional arrives and performs a permanent solution.
mold on attic

Image Via Mold Inspection and Test Mold can be one of the most costly problems a homeowner deals with. Treating and removing mold can involve large-scale renovation and repair, and can quickly turn into a much longer project than originally anticipated.
metal pan catching water drips

By the time you realize your roof is leaking, there’s a solid chance your home is already in need of serious repair. No matter the cause, you need to know how to stop it, fix it if possible, and make the necessary steps towards insurance coverage and repairs. 
window with rain and house in background

Roof leaks of any size can cause significant damage to a home if not discovered and repaired quickly. The smallest drip can symbolize a huge investment of time and money. We’ve outlined a list of the most common causes of roof leaks.
roof turbine on metal roof

Ensuring your attic is properly ventilated limits the amount of moisture present, prolongs the life of your roof, and lowers heating & cooling costs. One of the best ways to prevent excessive moisture is with roof turbines and ridge vents.