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A lot of homeowners turn to outside financing to assist with the cost of a roofing project, and in some cases, roofing companies offer their own financing options. We’ll outline what homeowners should know before financing a roofing project through the contractor.
Financing for roofing
Paying cash for a new roof is a great financing option, but most homeowners don’t have the full amount set aside, and sometimes the new roof can’t wait. But what if your credit isn't excellent? Let’s break down a few options for financing a roof when you have bad credit.
calculating roof financing options
You’ve found an experienced contractor, reviewed their credentials, and picked the perfect material for your roof. Now, it’s time to evaluate and choose the best financing method for your new roof. There are many ways to finance a roof, from loans to rebates and credit options.
man installing sheets of plywood on roof
If you’re building a new roof or replacing an old roof system, you’ll need to know how much material you’ll need to cover the roof.  We’ll outline the formula for determining the right amount of plywood to use for a new roof.
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In nearly all cases, it pays to replace all the flashing if you replace all the roof shingles. However, certain sections may be as strong as ever.  Educate yourself on where flashing is commonly installed and if it should be replaced. 
roof underlayment
Most likely you’ve heard of the underlayment material beneath your shingles, but have you ever questioned what it is or why it’s necessary? Familiarize yourself with the purpose of this roofing component and how it adds a crucial layer of protection to your roof.
roof savings plan
New roofs are not cheap. The national average cost of replacing a roof is about $7,000 with costs varying depending on where you live, the materials you choose, etc. Follow these helpful guidelines to save as much as possible on your new roof.
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There may come a time when an unlicensed roofer works on your home. No matter the reason, you should be aware of the risks of working with someone that fails to obtain the proper permits, insurance, and licenses.
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There's more to a roof than shingles and gutters. Discover the different roof components that play a crucial role in keeping your home safe and secure, like the underlayment, flashing, and more, that play a crucial role in keeping your home safe and secure.
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Flat roofs come with their own set of particular problems and repair techniques. It's crucial to properly diagnose a flat roof leak in order to avoid major problems. To keep your flat roof secure for as long as possible, avoid these common repair mistakes.
torch-down modified bitumen installation on flat roof
Before homeowners replace their flat roof, they should be informed about the costs of different materials. Discover the most common flat roof systems and how they compare in installation procedures, price, aesthetic, benefits, and more.
solar panels on a shingle roof
Despite new tariffs on imported solar roofing technology, solar is still a great choice for homeowners interested in renewable energy. Let’s examine the ITC (the investment tax credit) to see how it affects the price of solar technology, as well as the likelihood of price fluctuations.
inspecting flat roof
Determining the source of a leak on a flat roof can be a challenging task. Seeing water spots and other forms of moisture damage doesn't necessarily mean the leak is nearby. Discover what to look for in order to pinpoint the location of the leak and stop moisture penetration.
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Roofing projects are a major home improvement and generally an expensive one. That’s why it’s crucial for homeowners to ask these 10 general questions to every contractor before they sign any paperwork. Ask these 10 questions before agreeing to any contract.
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As the snow slowly starts to melt and the temperatures rise, it’s time to clean and inspect your roof. Removing debris and cleaning off organic buildup will not only make the roof look better, it’ll improve the roof's longevity, too. Use our roof cleaning checklist to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape.