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man working on chimney flashing
If you suspect your roof has a leak around the chimney it’s crucial to repair it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, accurately finding the source of the leak around the chimney can be a difficult task. We’ll clearly outline the tools and steps necessary to properly identify the source of a chimney leak.
chimney under construction
Chimney leaks are difficult to address because there are multiple areas around the chimney where the water could be coming from. But knowing which areas are most susceptible to leaks helps pinpoint the compromised area quickly. We’ll outline four common sources of chimney leaks and what to do about them.
slate roof
Contrary to what many homeowners might think, real slate shingles can be installed successfully on ordinary homes. And while there’s never a definitive answer for all homes, there are a number of benefits to installing slate shingles on your roof. Learn about slate's benefits, costs, and a number of great resources.
professional roofer
There are a few qualifications homeowners should ask their roofing contractor before hiring them. Are you licensed, bonded, and insured? Can I see some referrals? What’s outlined in the estimate? All of these are great questions to ask, but how do you know you're hiring a truly professional contractor?
homeowner going over home insurance policy
Regardless of how roof damage occurs, it needs to be repaired quickly. Once you've called your insurance agent to file a claim, it's crucial to make sure they follow through on their end of the process. We'll outline how to keep claim providers on top of the project without wasting their time or yours.
damaged red roof shingles
Whether you’re installing a new roof on your home of twenty years or you're paying for a roof replacement as a new homeowner, it pays to have the job done right. Unfortunately, some contractors don’t always do great work. Learn some common signs of a bad roofing job so you can get it fixed quickly.
roofers on large shingle roof
The relationship between a homeowner and their contractor can be a delicate dance. There’s an unfortunate stigma surrounding roofing contractors, but the majority are honest, hard-working people looking to deliver quality results. Let’s take a look at what many contractors wish homeowners knew.
house in the fall
A roof appraisal is performed to inspect the functioning components of a roof and to determine how many years the roof is likely to last. An inspector usually performs roof appraisals before a home is sold, but it’s a useful procedure for existing homeowners, too. Learn the various points all roof appraisals should inspect.
thermal imaging the roof
Replacing the roof creates a great opportunity to make energy efficient improvements. It's likely your home can’t support a green roof, but there are other choices homeowners can make to “green” up the new roof system. Familiarize yourself with these six options to green up your re-roofing project.
using tablet to monitor home energy use
Homeowners will be happy to know that improving the energy efficiency of the roof doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Small improvements will make a giant difference in your utility bills as well as the home’s livability. Let’s examine some useful tips to keep the home comfortable in all seasons.
Back porch of home
Warm weather has finally made its way to most of us across the country. And while some of us are planning vacations, relaxing, and cooking out, summer is also a great time for home projects. Summer is the best time of year to take care of exterior home projects, especially the roof.
attic space
A competent homeowner can usually repair a damaged roofing rafter. If the rafter does not suffer from a completely separated break, it can be fixed, preventing the need for a very costly alternative repair. With a few tools, some determination, and the right instructions, you’ll soon have a fully functional rafter.
man cutting thin metal with saw
Soffits are a crucial component of every roofing system but are often neglected. Because they’re directly exposed to rain, snow, animals, and insects, they may experience problems. We’ll go through helpful steps in order to replace a damaged soffit to get your roof back in proper working order.
Rotted roof board
Rotten roof boards create a number of problems for homeowners. They decrease the strength of the roof, allow for moisture penetration, and spread rot to other areas of the roof. It requires immediate attention, either by the homeowner or a professional. We’ll outline safety precautions, removal procedures, and tools needed for the job.
rain on a metal roof
Metal roofs are becoming a popular option for homeowners, and as long as they’re installed properly, they don't make more noise than other roofing materials. But if the roof was not installed correctly, or you want to further diminish the sound of rain, there are ways to soundproof a metal roof.