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It’s hard to imagine sticking with one specific style of anything for the next 20 to 30 years. Whether it be clothing, food, or cars, everyone likes some variety over time. Yet that’s inadvisable when it comes to roofing. A quality roofing system is just too expensive to replace just because you want to see what a new style looks like.
roof fascia and soffit

The fascia and soffit are important elements of a roof system, but what exactly are they, and what purpose do they serve? If you're performing a roof inspection or thinking of replacing your roof, it's important to check on these vital roof elements. We’ll outline what they are, what they do, and when you should replace them. 
what's the difference

Many contractors claim to be licensed, bonded, and insured, but what do those distinctions mean? Familiarize yourself with the difference between bonding and insurance and how they protect homeowners.
comparing financing options

Roofs protect the greatest investment many people will ever have, so it’s crucial that your roof is sturdy and doing all it can to protect your home. And while many roofs last for over a decade or more, there may come a time when it needs to be replaced. We’ll break down popular financing options so you have a better understanding of the best choice for your replacement.
remove asphalt shingles properly

Removing old shingles is a labor-intensive process regardless if you’re the contractor or a DIY homeowner. Before you climb on top of the roof and start ripping off shingles, let’s go through a few steps to make the process easier, cleaner, and safer.
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Roof maintenance and renovations are a part of keeping a roof in proper working order, and it’s crucial to make sure it's done right. Finding the right roofing professional makes all the difference, but it’s not as easy as a simple Google search. Thankfully, we’re here to help you write a stand-out project description to land the best contractors.
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Roof coatings offer a number of benefits to homeowners when installed properly. However, each roof has a different pitch, size, and system, which will determine the specific price. Learn more about the different roof coating options, various costs, advantages, and more. We answer... How much do roof coatings cost? How does my roofing material affect the cost of coating? Why do homeowners choose to install a roof coating? What are the different types of roof coatings available? How can I prepare my roof for a coating application?
FHA 203(k) Loan paperwork

FHA 203(k) streamline loans are becoming a popular financing option for roofing projects but come with a number of specific rules and regulations regarding how they can be used. Learn how FHA 203(k) loans work, how they compare with other financing options, and their pros and cons.
man in suit holding paper Are You Covered

Before you begin a roofing improvement project, it never hurts to consult with your insurance provider. It depends on the project, but your insurance policy may not cover what you need. Find out what you need to know about your insurance to make sure the project goes smoothly.
concrete roof tiles

Composed of sand, cement, and water, concrete tiles are a durable and rustic roofing option. If you're considering this classic aesthetic for your home, familiarize yourself with concrete tile costs, how they compare to clay tiles, installation techniques, and more.
stay within your budget

Budgeting is a crucial aspect of keeping your roof project on track. Creating a realistic budget can be a challenging task, but once completed it will save you time, money, and stress. We’ll educate you on four important points to get the most from your roofing budget.
signing home improvement loan

Homeowners can apply and use home improvement loans for roof repairs and replacements. In order to determine if a loan is the right financing option for your roof project, answer a few basic questions before deciding on which loan to use.
home improvement credit cards

Home improvement credit cards are becoming a popular financing option for homeowners, especially those considering roofing projects. Learn everything you need to know about using home improvement credit cards.
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No matter the reason, a lot of homeowners turn to outside financing to assist with the cost of the roof project. And in some cases, roofing companies offer their own financing options. We’ll outline and break down what all homeowners should know before deciding to finance the roofing project through the contractor.
Financing for roofing

Paying cash for a roofing project is always the best financing option, but most homeowners don’t have the full amount set aside, and sometimes the project can’t wait.