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homeowners guide to shake roofing
Beauty and durability are the key benefits of shake roofing. Read on to learn more about shake's longevity, shake roofing costs, the pros and cons of shake roofing, and more with the help of our detailed shake roofing guide.
comprehensive guide to slate roofing
Slate roofs are durable, look beautiful, and can last a lifetime. Learn more about slate roofing pros and cons, the various materials available, how much slate roofing costs, and more with the help of our slate roofing guide.
houses under construction
There is a major labor shortage in the United States for skilled labor jobs. Home renovations, like roof replacements and other forms of construction, can’t be performed by just anyone. Learn what is creating this overwhelming need for skilled contractors and how it impacts homeowners.
man trimming tree branches
Trees are a great addition to a property. They provide beautiful scenery in the fall and valuable shade in the summer, but if tree branches get too close to the roof, they can do some real damage. Learn how to safely handle overhanging tree branches touching or rubbing against your roof.
modern house and its backyard patio
Roof projects are never as glamorous as a kitchen or bathroom remodel, but they’re crucial to the longevity and protection of your home. And while it’s true most re-roofing or roof repair projects are expensive, there are a few upgrades that benefit the functionality and curb appeal of your roof without breaking the bank.
man working on low slope roof
While today’s manufacturers are producing the most durable low-slope materials to date, it's still the responsibility of the building owner to make sure proper ventilation systems and maintenance protocols are in place to protect the roof. We’ll outline the three main types of internally generated moisture and how to combat them.
heavy rain pouring off metal roof
Harsh weather impacts nearly every area of the United States. That’s why it’s important to have the right roofing system installed to protect your home and your family. Let’s examine some common harsh weather patterns and the best roofing choices for each.
Summer roofing project safety tips
If you plan on executing a summer roofing project yourself, it’s necessary to take proper steps to stay safe in the heat. Wearing the proper clothing, keeping an eye on the weather, and drinking plenty of water ensures you’ll be able to safely complete DIY roofing projects.
hammering nail
Seeing how beneficial a happy customer is, it’s surprising how many contractors don’t go out of their way to make sure homeowners are completely satisfied. Let’s examine four small ways a roofing contractor can go above and beyond their competition.
modern house
The exterior of a home takes the blunt of rain, wind, and deterioration faster than other elements of a home. And if you’re looking to boost the curb appeal of your house, it pays to update worn siding, old windows, and a battered roof. Not only will upgrading these features boost your home’s appeal, they will safeguard your home from future problems.
roof moss on shingles
Summer is a great time to complete a number of roofing projects. And it’s an ideal time to remove moss. Moss is not necessarily harmful in itself, but it traps moisture against the roof, so it needs to be removed. We’ll outline how to remove moss with common household ingredients.
man on ladder removing leaves from gutter
Mold and mildew is a hazardous effect of roof leaks, and a common spot for mold growth is right under the eaves of the roof. Little sunlight and low air movement provide an ideal environment for mold growth. Let’s examine the tools and techniques needed to remove black mold growth.
shingles damaged by rain
A leaking roof will cause a lot of problems for a homeowner. And while a properly installed roof will last for many years, severe storms, fluctuating temperatures, and pests can all cause roof leaks. It’s crucial to repair a roof leak as soon as it’s discovered. If you don’t, the following damages will likely occur.
chimney on tile roof
Chimneys are a common source of roof leaks and need to be repaired quickly once you notice a problem. The cost of repairing a chimney leak depends on where the leak is located and how pervasive the problem is. We’ll identify several factors that influence the cost of chimney repair.
man wearing tool belt
If you’re the type of homeowner who likes to complete projects yourself, it pays to have the right tools. Working on the roof is no exception. It’s not advisable to complete every roofing project yourself, but if you’re going to attempt a DIY repair, it pays to have the right tools for the job.