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EPDM roofing
Find out everything there is to know about EPDM roofing with the help of our guide. We'll discuss the materials and coatings of EPDM, its pros and cons, average costs, and other crucial details regarding this common roofing application.
understanding built-up roofing
Discover why built-up roofs have remained a popular commercial roofing choice for decades. Learn about built-up roofing costs, common repair practices, and more with the help of our comprehensive guide.
metal roofing information
Get quick, helpful answers to the most common metal roofing questions, and find out if metal roofing is right for you with the help of our metal roofing FAQs.
metal roof installation
Get all the answers to your questions regarding metal roof installation and be informed about cost, options, maintenance, and more with the help of our in-depth guide.
solar roofs
There are countless advantages to solar roofing. Discover how solar roofing shingles work, the costs (and tax rebates) associated with solar roofing, and so much more with the help of our comprehensive guide. 
green roof
There are a number of benefits to green roofing applications. Discover how green roofs work, the costs associated with green roofing, beneficial aspects, and much more with our comprehensive guide.
hip roof
Hip roofs remain a popular roofing style because of their modern design and structural durability. Learn more about the costs of hip roofs, design options, and much more.
roof ventilation
A proper ventilation system can greatly benefit the life of your roof. Discover proper approaches and benefits to roof ventilation so you can make an informed decision.
guide to gutters and downspouts
Gutters and downspouts are crucial elements to a well-functioning roofing system. Read on to learn about the costs of gutter materials, how installation works, tips for keeping your gutters clean and working properly, and more.
ice dams
Ice dams damage countless homes every winter. Poor roof ventilation combined with heavy snow can cause serious problems for homeowners. We'll discuss how ice dams form, what can be done to prevent and remove them, and much more.
beginners guide to roof repairs
Roof repair is inevitable throughout a roof's life; know how to handle it with the help of our ultimate roof repair guide. Discover the main cause of roof leaks, how to fix common roof problems, typical roof repair cost, and when it's time to consider replacing a roof instead of repairing it.
complete commercial roofing guide
Read our Commercial Roofing Guide to learn about the various commercial roofing systems and materials that are available, pros and cons of each one, installation costs, maintenance, and more.
homeowners metal roofing guide
Metal roofs are durable, look good, and save 20 - 30% on homeowners' energy bills each year. Learn more about metal roofing pros and cons, the various styles and materials available, how much metal roofing costs, and more.
ultimate shingle roofing guide
Discover if shingle roof is right for you with the help of our comprehensive shingle roofing guide. Read on to learn more about the various styles and types of shingle roofing available, the advantages and disadvantages, shingle roofing costs, and more.
everything you need to know about tile roofs
Discover why tile roofing is a common choice for many homeowners. Learn about tile's unique properties, the cost of tile roofing, various tile roofing styles and materials, and more with the help of our comprehensive tile roofing guide.