The Best Affordable Roofing Upgrades Available to Homeowners

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Roof projects are never as glamorous as a kitchen or bathroom remodel, but they’re crucial to the longevity and protection of your home. And while it’s true most re-roofing or roof repair projects are expensive, there are a few upgrades that benefit the functionality and curb appeal of your roof without breaking the bank.

Most homeowners do not look forward to getting their roof replaced or tackling a serious roof repair project. Unlike a new farmer’s sink or a freshly tiled shower, a roof upgrade is not exactly something you get to see and really appreciate on a daily basis.

Sinking some cash—no matter how little—into the roof does provide some great ROI and peace of mind.

Paying for affordable roofing upgrades decreases the amount of annual maintenance and general repairs one would otherwise have to budget for. Let’s take a look at three easy roof upgrades for nearly every homeowner.

Install airtight chimney caps

Chimney caps

Designed to prevent rain, birds, and other unwanted pests from making their way into the chimney, masonry and metal chimney caps are great additions. Airtight chimney caps, on the other hand, are designed to save energy.

Airtight chimney cap: $150 - $200

During the winter months, your home loses a lot of precious heat through the chimney when it’s not in use. The flue in the fireplace does little to prevent the loss because it’s not an airtight seal. Airtight chimney caps prevent heat loss and are easy to install. The chimney cap is opened by pulling on a steel cable inside the fireplace. Airtight chimney caps also prevent birds and squirrels from building nests inside the chimney.

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Update roof ventilation

man installing ridge vents

Proper roof ventilation is one of the most underrated and important upgrades a homeowner can make to their roof and home.

Attics hold a tremendous amount of heat and moisture if not properly ventilated. Excessive heat and moisture can make the home uncomfortable, increase energy bills, and erode insulation and support beams. There are many options available to homeowners seeking to increase the amount of ventilation to their roof and in the attic.

One such option is ridge vents.

Ridge vents are discreet, easily installed, and allow successful air movement through the ridge cap shingles. Not to be forgotten, soffit vents need to function properly to allow for peak air movement. Soffit vents draw in cooler air into the attic to push out hot, stagnant air.

Ridge vents: $400 - $650

Gable vents, which str installed near the peak of exterior walls, are also a great option to increase roof ventilation. A properly ventilated attic means the roof and your home will function well into the future.

Gable vents: $200 - $300

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Add low-maintenance gutters

Low maintenance gutters

If you are replacing the entire roof, it’s generally appropriate to replace the gutters as well. It’s likely they are just as compromised as your old roof. However, if the roof is still in great shape, you can upgrade your gutters to further protect the roofing system.

Ensuring gutters are clean and free of leaves and other debris is a sure-fire way to keep them functioning properly. But it’s not a popular chore. Consider adding a few features to your existing gutters to cut down on maintenance and cleaning.

The Englert LeafGuard has a built-in hood designed to keep large debris out of the gutters. Its patented design allows rainwater to travel into the gutters while blocking leaves. They prevent a majority of gutter clogs and drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to clean out gutter systems.

Price: $15 per linear foot

Gutter covers

Gutter covers are mesh screens that snap into place over the gutters. They have a latex pattern which blocks sticks, leaves, and other debris from clogging the gutter system. Gutter covers are easy to install, are affordable, and cut down on gutter maintenance.

Price: $7.50 - $10 per linear foot

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Roof updates don’t have to be glamorous or expensive in order to be effective. The options listed above are budget-friendly and shouldn’t take longer than a weekend to install. It’s easy to take the roof over our heads for granted, but we should always remember to clean, maintain, and upgrade it whenever possible to safeguard its continued functionality.

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