Suffering from Roof Damage? Make Sure Your Claim Provider Fulfills Their Responsibility

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Despite our best efforts to combat severe storms and high winds, sometimes a roof just gets damaged. And whether you know you have a leak or you suspect visual damage might lead to one, the roof damage needs to be repaired quickly. Once you call your insurance company about filing a claim, it’s important to stay on top of the process.

Let's look closer at how to handle the roof repair process responsibly and efficiently.

First, complete your fiduciary responsibility as a homeowner.

Taking adequate steps to prevent any further damage means you’re fulfilling the fiduciary responsibilities as a homeowner.

It’s important to prove to the insurance company you’ve taken some action yourself to mitigate the situation.

  • Call an emergency roof repair service to immediately stop any water from coming into the home.
  • Be sure to keep all documentation from the emergency service and all receipts from tarps or anything else you may buy to lessen the damage.
The insurance company should compensate you for these purchases as long as you have proper documentation.


Write down names, confirmation numbers, and more.

writing down information

Call your insurance provider after you’ve done what you can to mediate the roof damage. When you call, and you’ll most likely call more than once, write down the names of everyone you speak with. Write down any claim information, confirmation numbers, and price figures they give you so you have it as a reference later.

It’s easy for details and important information to get lost when you deal with multiple people within the same company.


Ask for the same person each time you call the insurance company. That way they’ll have your information and be familiar with your situation.

Hire a qualified roofing contractor.

roofing contractor

Some roofing companies are familiar with the claims process and are more than willing to assist with the process.

As long as you’re confident in the roofer’s ability and experience, it’s normal within the industry to have them deal with the insurance company. And if they’re truly experienced with claim providers they’re less likely to get manipulated by insurance companies.

Before hiring any roofing company, ask to see their references and if they are licensed and insured. The last thing you want to deal with during a claims process is an unqualified roofer. 

Find an experienced roofing contractor near you


Follow up with the provider, and if necessary, file a complaint.

customer complaints

If you or your roofing company continue to follow up with the insurance company but can’t get them to cooperate, it’s fair to file a complaint. As long as you’ve done everything correctly on your side your claim provider should do what they can to cover the costs of the damage.

If they fail to hold up their end of the relationship, file a complaint about their lack of coverage by phone, email, or online.

Try to remain calm and use proper spelling and grammar if leaving a written condemnation. If you’re not getting the service you need, hopefully the complaint is reviewed seriously and someone above the claims provider can assist you. 

Making repairs to the roof? Consider the following: