Shingle Roof Repair at a Glance

shingle roof repair

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Common Types of Shingle Damage

Typical asphalt shingles are susceptible to wind, hail, ice, and sun damage. A properly installed shingle roof can withstand the elements for 20 years or longer, but the average lifespan of a traditional asphalt shingle roof is about 15 - 18 years.

Aside from weather-related damage, shingle roofs can also be damaged by ice damming, excessive snow, fallen debris (e.g., tree limbs), and bird droppings. The chemical nature of bird droppings and certain types of leaves/berries can actually eat away at asphalt shingles over time. That's why it’s important to periodically clean the surface of the roof with water to lessen the risk of damage caused by bird droppings and acidic debris.

Composite and metal shingles are more durable compared to asphalt shingles, but these premium roofing products can also be slightly more expensive to repair.

Fallen debris is a common cause for roof damage

How to Minimize the Risk of Damage

There are several preventative strategies you can use to lower the risk of extensive roof damage following a major storm.

First, it’s very important to consider the type of weather conditions that are prevalent in your area when choosing the type of shingle you should go with.

If you live in a high wind area, you should opt for a shingle rated for 120 mph winds or higher. Your roofing contractor can help you choose the perfect shingle for your area’s weather conditions.

Snow and ice can put excessive stress on your roofing structure and lead to damage if left alone. Removing heavy amounts of snow from your roof can help prevent damage and extend the life of your roof.

If you notice ice dams forming near your gutters, you should call you local roofing contractor right away to assess the situation. Ice dams are a sign that your roof doesn’t have proper ice dam protection and/or insulation. Detecting this early can save you a bundle in the long run.

Wind and thunderstorms can cause debris to fly onto your roof. Keeping your roof clear of loose debris (i.e., leaves, tree limbs, etc.) ensures proper water runoff and reduces the risk of acid erosion.

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Cost of Shingle Roof Repairs

As a general reference, you can expect to pay a minimum of $100 - $200 for the roofing contractor to come out and repair very minor shingle roof damage, such as reinstalling a few shingles or sealing a small leak. More complex shingle roof repairs can cost $500 on up.

The cost of a shingle roof repair is dependent upon several factors:

  • Type of shingles (asphalt, metal, composite, architectural, etc.)
  • Extent of the damage – shingles, boards, underlayment, flashing, etc.
  • Where you live
  • Pitch and complexity of your roof
  • Quality of the shingles used in the repair

The cost of repairing shingle damage can quickly escalate if left unchecked. A roof with a small leak may not seem like a serious problem, but the cost of having to repair the original leak plus the water-damaged underlayment, sheathing, insulation, interior ceiling, and possible siding and/or structural damage can be quite significant. So, investing a couple of hundred dollars for a roof repair can save you money on bigger roof repairs down the line.

If the damage to your shingle roof is rather extensive, it may be a better idea to replace the entire roof. Entire shingle roof replacements will cost more than a repair, but it may be necessary to ensure your home is secure and protected from the elements. See what others have paid for their shingle roof replacement.

When to Call a Roofing Contractor

If you have a bit of knowledge about roofing and shingle roof repairs in general, you may be able to tackle very minor repairs yourself. This could include re-securing nail heads that have popped up over time or reattaching a few shingles that have blown off following a windstorm.

However, it's always a good idea to contact a roof repair contractor prior to handling any type of shingle roof repair yourself. In addition, DIY roof repairs can void the manufacturer’s warranty of the roof.

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