Shingle Recycling Infographic - Turn Your Roof Into a Road

Shingle recycling

Shingle recycling is a huge opportunity that is evolving way too slowly. 

About 22 billion pounds of roofing waste is removed from U.S. homes each year—the majority of which is asphalt shingles—and almost all of this roofing waste ends up in landfills. 

While shingle recycling has become available in more and more locations over the last few years, the great majority of homeowners and roofers do not have access to a shingle recycling facility near their community.

Shingle recycling is such a great opportunity because recycled shingles contain asphalt that can be used in paving asphalt roads.

Hot mix asphalt producers purchase the recycled shingles to enhance their paving mixtures and create better roads.

Our Shingle Recycling Infographic below details the size of the problem and the size of the opportunity.

So, what can you do? When getting estimates to replace your shingle roof, ask the roofers you're talking with if shingle recycling is available in your area.