Roof Leak Repair Cost Breakdown

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A number of factors impact the final cost of a roof repair. We'll outline common causes of roof leaks, their sources, average repair costs for a 10 ft. x 10 ft. area, and more in our roof repair cost breakdown.

Common Roof Leak Causes

The average cost for a professional roof repair is $630, but it varies depending on a number of factors, including the cause of the leak, the roofing material, and more.

Know where to look when determining the cause of the leak. The main causes for roof leaks include...

Leaking gutters or leaking flashing

Corrosion of gutters and flashing can allow water to leak into the interior of the roof. These usually are well sealed but tend to erode over time.

Ice dams

Ice dams form when warm air from the attic melts snow close to the roof ridge and refreezes at the roof’s edge. Ice dams form a wall that doesn’t allow proper drainage, causing pooled water to damage the roof’s interior.

Leaking chimney or skylight

Leaks around chimney flashing and skylights occur due to compromised sealants, cracks, or improper installation.

Missing shingles

High winds and severe storms can dislodge shingles leaving your roof exposed to the elements.


Valleys are small gutter sections that run down the interior angles of your roof. They become damaged by fungus, improper cleaning, and lifted shingles. Large amounts of rainwater flow through this channel, and if it’s damaged, leaks are likely to occur.

Remember that all water flows downhill. Depending on the slope of your roof, the leak you notice over your bedroom ceiling most likely originated further up the roof. Use a flashlight in your attic space and look for damp areas and mold. The sooner you determine the cause of the leak, the less expensive the repair will be. 

Average Cost Based on Leak Type

One of the main factors affecting roof leak repair cost is the cause and location of the leak...

Problem Solution Material Cost Professional Repair
Leaking gutters or flashing Clean gutters and repair flashing $90 $150
Ice dams Rake roof, apply ice melter, or install heating cables $50 $110
Leaking chimney or skylight Replace flashing or caulk leaking areas $25 $85
Missing shingles Replace shingles $100 $160
Damaged valleys Replacing flashing and shingles $25 $85

The professional repair costs above reflect material costs plus one hour of average-priced labor.

If you're confident in your ability to fix the damaged area yourself, you'll only need to pay for the material costs to provide the solution. If you choose to have a professional repair the issue, you'll be paying a combined fee for both the materials and hours of labor.


Average Cost Based on Roofing Material

Leaks will appear in different areas of your roof depending on your roofing material. Start looking for leaks by entering your attic on a rainy day with a flashlight.

Keep a close eye for mold, odor, drips, sunken sections, or other forms of wood rafter deterioration. All of these symptoms can point to leaks.

The table below identifies where leaks are most likely to occur depending on the roofing material...

Roof Material Common Leak Location Professional Repair
Asphalt Vertical slits $100 - $1,000
Composite Shingles, joints, and trim $110 - $1,100
Metal Fasteners and seams $300 - $1,500
Wood Valleys and shingles $500 - $700
Slate Tile edges $1,000 - $2,000
Tile Underlayment and shingles $100 - $510
Rubber / Foam Cracks and the insulation board $200 - $1,000

The type of roofing material and location of the leak will dictate the overall price of the repair.

Roofs with asphalt shingles are the most common, and therefore the least expensive. Rarer materials like slate and metal will undoubtedly cost more for a repair.

Leaks can be hard to identify, regardless of your roofing material. We recommend hiring a professional to do a thorough inspection. They can help you identify leaks and purpose a solution.

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Costs of General Labor and Repair Materials 

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General labor

Professional roofing contractors charge around $3 per square foot for a roof repair project, or around $60 per hour.

A general roofing contractor should be able to repair asphalt shingles, and their costs should mimic these averages. However, if your material is less common, such as slate or metal, the costs of repairs will exceed these averages, as they require a more specialized roofing contractor.

Repair materials

The cost of materials is usually included in the final quote for the project, but some contractors charge them separately.

Average Costs for 10 ft. x 10 ft. of Roofing Materials
Material Cost
Galvanized roofing nails $65
Bundle of shingles $100
Plywood $80
Roof cement $20
Flashing $15


Choosing the Right Roofing Contractors

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Large or comprehensive roofing repairs should be left to trained professionals. If you’re not confident in your abilities to handle the project yourself, hire a qualified roofing contractor.

Call several roofing contractors and collect multiple quotes for your roof repair project. Never hesitate to inquire about a roofer's experience, and be sure to ask for references, proper licensing, and insurance forms.

Hometown Roofing Contractors makes it easy to find the right local roofing contractor for your repair project. You can view company profiles, read customer reviews on their services, and request quotes from as many roofers as you'd like.

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Tips and tricks for hiring the best roofing contractor for the job: