Indiana Jury Convicts Texas Man for Roof Repair Scam

Roofing scam

(Indianapolis, 2013) A Texas roofer has a shiny a new fishing boat, motorcycle, clothing and fishing gear…at least, he used to have all this stuff. Randy L. Madewell was recently convicted of home improvement fraud after he duped six Indianapolis residents out of $37,000.

Madewell was arrested in January and now faces up to 10 years in prison when he is sentenced next month. The out-of-state roofing contractor promised to repair the damaged roofs of several Indianapolis residents, but instead took the money and went on a shopping spree.

FIND: Licensed Roofing Contractors in Indianapolis

Roofing scams are a problem that affects homeowners across the country. We recently highlighted the problem in a story about Texas roofing scams. Texas is one of the few states where roofing contractors do not need a license to operate their business, although current legislation is looking to change this.

The problem highlights the importance of using roofing contractors that are local, licensed, insured, and have an established reputation in your community.  Hometown Roofing Contractors makes it simpler to make an informed decision by verifying professional credentials and gathering 100% real reviews on roofing contractors.

To avoid becoming a statistic of roofing fraud, we also put together a useful list of top tips to help you avoid roofing scams. The main thing is to be weary of door-to-door roofers looking to “help out” after major storms have passed through. These folks are often very smooth talkers that have rehearsed their speil with hundreds of homeowners before they came knocking on your door.  Just remember... verify everything before hiring!