How to Write a Project Description that Lands the Best Contractor

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Roof maintenance and renovations are a part of keeping a roof in proper working order, and it’s crucial to make sure it's done right. Finding the right roofing professional makes all the difference, but it’s not as easy as a simple Google search. Thankfully, we’re here to help you write a stand-out project description to land the best contractors.

Step 1: Know what type of roofing contractor you need

Not all roofing contractors can handle every type of roofing project. Knowing what type of specialized contractor you need will ensure your request will get sent to the right roofing professional.

Some projects will be simpler than others, but regardless of the scope of the project, Hometown Roofing Contractors makes it easy for homeowners to get in contact with qualified professionals.

If you’re not quite sure what type of professional to send your request to, keep the following in mind:

  • Roof replacements and new installations should only be sent to qualified and verified contractors.
  • Hometown Roofing Contractors allows you to see which roofers specialize in different materials, making it easy to find an appropriate match.

Step 2: Write a detailed project description

The more detailed the description, the more responses you’ll get from contractors. Roofing professionals are less likely to agree to a job with a vague outline because they may not be able to provide adequate services.

Here are a few tips on how to write a proper description in order to get the best roofers to respond:

1. Introduce yourself.

Introduce yourself in the project description to humanize the statement and to set the request apart from other faceless emails.

2. Name the goals of the project.

Inform the contractors about what you want from the end result to clearly illustrate what you expect from their workmanship. For example, if you want an area of your roof repaired and suspect the underlayment may be damaged, be sure to mention it in the initial request. Otherwise, they may not look at it. 

3. Include as many details as possible.

Include as much detail about the roofing project as you can. List the size, material, and area of the roof you want to be addressed. Include any of your plans or ideas in order to determine if they fit with a professional contractor’s plans. Think about what’s going to be important for the contractor to know so they can accurately determine how to handle and price the project.

4. Voice your desired timeline.

If this is an urgent repair after a storm or a full replacement that will require a loan to start, let the contractor know. A lot of successful roofers look to schedule future clients, so even if you’re waiting to start the project, it shouldn’t be a deterrent. On the flip side, they may be ready to start the very next day.

5. Leave accurate contact information.

Lastly, inform the contractor of the best method for getting in touch with you. Whether it's an email address or phone number, be sure it's accurate and up-to-date to avoid any missed communication. 

Here’s an example of a bad roofing project description:

“I need my shingle roof replaced.”

Here’s an example of a good roofing project description:

“My name is Rick, and I need the shingle roof on my ranch-style home replaced. The roof is roughly 1,500 square feet, and I’m hoping to have the project completed by the end of April. Please contact me at the listed number and leave a message if I don’t answer.”

It’s clear to see why a professional roofer would be more inclined to respond to the second lead rather than the first.


Step 3: Send your request to qualified professionals

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Hometown Roofing Contractors makes it easy to contact qualified roofing professionals. Once you describe your project, you’ll get matched to an expert for the job, or you can compare and contrast professionals yourself. You’ll get free quotes and access to customer reviews to determine the best company that’s right for you.

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