Costs of Common Chimney Repairs

chimney on tile roof

Chimneys are a common source of roof leaks and need to be repaired quickly once you notice a problem. The cost of repairing a chimney leak depends on where the leak is located and how pervasive the problem is. We’ll identify several factors that influence the cost of chimney repair.

Chimneys are susceptible to leaks and damage from old age, severe weather, and neglect. They are primarily made of bricks and require a professional mason or skilled roofing contractor when in need of repair.

Taking the time for preventative maintenance and paying to fix small repairs will keep chimneys in working order, saving the expense of a complete replacement which could cost thousands of dollars.

Besides a high price point, a compromised chimney could lead to a catastrophic house fire. Let’s take a look at several factors influencing the cost of a chimney repair.

Brick replacement

If the leak is due to a broken or cracked brick it will have to be replaced. The cost per brick replacement varies from region to region, but it starts at about a dollar per brick. The price is determined by the design and material they’re made of.

For example, firebricks are a popular choice due to their ability to withstand higher temperatures. They cost more than a dollar but are preferred by contractors and masons.

Crown repair

Not to be confused with the chimney cap — the cover on top of the chimney which blocks leaves, rain, and other debris from getting inside the chimney — the chimney crown protects the brick masonry of the flue from water damage.

If the chimney crown has a serious structural crack and is not treated quickly, it may soon cause enough damage to require the entire chimney to be replaced. That’s why it’s important to have a professional fix the problem before they get out of hand. Average costs of chimney crown repairs are between $200 and $300 dollars.

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Tuck-pointing for mortar joints

man working on brick chimney

Compromised mortar joints are a common source of leaks on chimneys. Tuck-pointing refers to removing and replacing old and damaged mortar joints between the chimney bricks.

The process prevents the premature collapse of a brick fireplace by providing renewed structural integrity while also combatting leaks caused by the gaps in the mortar joints. The average cost to repair mortar joints is about $600.


Chimney lining

The lining inside the chimney protects against premature deterioration, ensures the proper air movement of gases and smoke, and protects against chimney fires. The cost to replace compromised chimney lining varies greatly. It’s influenced by the type of material used, how much is being replaced, and what season you choose to replace it.

Chimney flashing

chimney flashing

Damaged flashing is another common source of chimney leaks.

Chimney flashing is a protective metal layer installed when the chimney and roof meet, and is installed to protect against moisture penetration.

If the flashing is cracked or rusting, water seeps through it and causes mold, rot, and other internal damage. The cost to replace chimney flashing is about $300 to $500 bucks.

Total replacement

While it’s a rather large and expensive project, if the chimney is suffering from severe structural integrity it may be time to completely replace it.

A complete chimney replacement is by far the most expensive chimney repair project as the old chimney has to be completely deconstructed before the new chimney can be installed.

In addition, other interior and exterior parts of the home may be included in the replacement process. The higher the roof and the larger the chimney, the greater the replacement cost will be. Let’s look at two brief examples provided by Thumbtack.

Brothers Building Maintenance: $2,700

  • 300-brick rebuild with a new chimney cap and crown

FW Repairs: $3,700

  • 450-brick rebuild with new chimney cap and crown
Chimney repairs should be left to trained professionals due to the interior and exterior components involved in a proper repair. Trust Hometown Roofing Contractors to connect you with experienced roofing contractors. Homeowners can review what other customers have to say and request multiple quotes to find the most competitive rates.

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