Awesome New Solar Roofing Shingles on Display in Long Island, NY

Dow solar roofing shingle

Long Island, NY, June 27, 2013 --  DOW Powerhouse, a building materials division of DOW, has developed a new solar roofing shingle that it believes will replace the older style solar panels.  

The new solar shingle incorporates a lightweight, slim panel that is much closer in appearance to a typical asphalt roof shingle. The result is a much improved looking roof when compared to the old style solar panel.  Now, the solar power section of the roof can look similar to the rest of the roof.   No more bulky solar roof panels that stick out like a sore thumb.

Aesthetics is a major advantage of these solar shingle panels, but there is also likely to be a structural advantage.  Older style panels are much heavier and stick up about 6 inches from the roof.  The roof structure needs to be penetrated with about 50 pre-drilled holes (on average) in order to mount the panels.  Anytime you're penetrating a roof system, that can lead eventually lead to leaks.   The new design should minimize roof repairs seen with older panels because the new solar shingles are lighter weight and lay flush with the roof, without all the pre-drilled mounting holes.  For the area of the roof the new solar shingles cover, the solar shingles are the roof.  The solar shingles are not mounted on top of asphalt shingles.

So far, the newer panels have met with enthusiasm by homeowners because of both the aesthetics and the structural advantages. From a distance, the solar shingles do look very similar to the surrounding shingles. Another big factor is the current generous subsidy for solar roofing being offered by the state of New York. 

A Long Island roofing and solar energy contractor, Division 7 Inc., has been named as the exclusive representative for the New York tri-state region. According to Richard Ciota of Division 7:

"This is a no-brainer.  There are two homes set up side by side for everyone to see -- one with the old technology and bulky style and the other with the new DOW shingles. There's no comparison. The shingles blend in and look really good, whereas the panels that used to be standard issue are awkward to say the least, and have caused all kinds of problems because of the kind of installation necessary -- we're really excited about this and of course my house was retrofitted first. I'm very impressed."

Anyone needing a new roof on Long Island or interested in learning more about solar roofing can attend an actual side-by-side home comparison Sunday,  June 30th, anytime from 11am through 4pm.  The event is being held in Stony Brook, NY at:  11 Seville Lane in Stony Brook, Long Island, NY.