A New Roof Could Cost You Nearly Nothing over Time

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Not all improvement projects recoup your investment, but roof replacements can recoup all your money back (or more in some cases) upon resale. Learn why a quality roof replacement is one of the most valuable home improvement projects.

Roof replacements appeal to homebuyers.

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In recent industry publications, new roofs were deemed the most appealing exterior project to new homebuyers.

New roofing is the exterior project that most appealed to buyers, followed by new vinyl windows, a new garage door, and new vinyl siding.

Remodeling Project Cost ROI Percentage
Roof Replacement $8,250 109%
Vinyl Windows $18,975 79%
Garage Door $2,300 87%
Vinyl Siding $13,350 75%

Data Courtesy of QualifiedRemodeler.com

Roof replacements contribute to a sense of pride, too. 77% of homeowners who complete the project claim to feel a major sense of accomplishment when thinking of the completed replacement. 56% claimed to feel a sense of happiness upon seeing their completed renovation, and 39% said they felt a sense of satisfaction.

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Roof replacement projects offer great ROI.

Because a new shingle roof is expensive and less exciting than a basement remodel or kitchen renovation, roof replacements are commonly brushed off by many homeowners.

However, recent industry publications indicate 32% of real estate agents said a new roof helped them close a home sale.

The average cost of a roof replacement is about $8,250, and typically the result of the resale value is 109% of the original investment.

Replacing a roof can indirectly and proactively pay dividends as well. Waiting too long to replace a roof can lead to:

  • structural damage
  • leaks
  • damaged shingles and underlayment
  • stained walls
  • compromised drywall

Because of these problems, what starts as a small leak can end up costing homeowners thousands more than a standard roof replacement.

While not as flashy as a freshly tiled kitchen or updated master bathroom, a new roof does offer the ability to increase your home's exterior aesthetic. New, top-of-the-line shingles can be customized to fit your design requirements, and metal, wood, and slate offer a distinctive style.


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Roof replacement materials are not equal.

Replacing shingles generally provides a great cost-to-value return for homeowners.

The specific percentage of the total cost greatly depends on the specific roofing system you choose.

There’s no data on specific brands’ ROI. However, top-tier GAF Timberline shingles priced at $350 to $400 per square will likely generate a higher ROI percentage than CertainTeed Grand Manor shingles at about $600 to $700 per square.

When average prices for a full replacement project start creeping up past $15,000, it’s much harder to recoup that extra cost after the sale of your home.

Roof replacements should be left to professionals.

A lot of homeowners contemplate the benefits of a remodeling project but find it too overwhelming of a process to take on. In fact, nearly 35% in the United States said they would rather move than remodel their current home.

Thankfully, roof replacements aren’t nearly as invasive or time-consuming as a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation, or hardwood floor re-finish. An experienced roofing contractor should be able to complete the job in a few days.

The most recent industry reports confirm how remodeling projects, like roof replacements, increase a home’s retail value and improve everyday living. 

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