6 Characteristics of a Professional Roofer

professional roofer

There are a few qualifications homeowners should ask their roofing contractor before hiring them. Are you licensed, bonded, and insured? Can I see some referrals? What’s outlined in the estimate? All of these are great questions to ask, but how do you know you're hiring a truly professional contractor?

1. True professionals listen closely to their customers.

After you’ve determined the roofer is qualified, gauge their ability to listen to what you truly want.

It's true homeowners don’t have as much knowledge about roofing materials as a roofer, but chances are you know what you want.

After the roofer inspects your roof, rather than trying to upsell you on material you’re not crazy about, a true professional will take the time to listen to what color(s) and material(s) you’re really looking for.


2. They have shingle samples for you to peruse.

shingle samples

A sure-fire sign that you’re dealing with a real professional is if they have multiple shingle samples for you to examine.


Shingle samples are an excellent way for you to see a tactile example of what you’re spending money on. It allows you to physically see and touch the value of the roof, as well as easily see which shingle is of higher quality than the others.

3. Roofers will show examples of work they did in the past.

roofer working on roof

Qualified professionals will have photos of their previous roofing projects. They should be happy to present pictures that highlight their skill and scope across a few different materials.

Photographic proof will let you know you’re dealing with a roofer with the expertise to handle your project competently. In addition, pictures will allow you to clearly see what the finished project will look like. Some may even use a digital app to show what a particular option will look like on your house.

There are a number of digital visualization programs that allow you to see different options for your home. GAF’s Virtual Home Remodeler and Owen Corning's Digital Roof Designer let you upload a photo of the house to compare roofing, siding, and window combinations.

4. They’ll understand a new roof has value.

new roof installation

A real roofer understands a new, quality roof will provide value and curb appeal for years to come.

Professionals won’t try to distinguish themselves by offering the lowest price because they know smart homeowners won’t associate an extremely low bid with real quality work.

Qualified roofers will take the time to explain the increased value of a new roofing system.

5. True professionals will explain real financing options.

New roofs and serious roof repairs are expensive home upgrades. And even though you recognize the value of spending such a large sum upfront, it’s easy to want to hesitate on following through.

A true professional will take the time to explain financing and payment options if that’s applicable to your situation.

There are a number of options that make expensive roofing upgrades possible by creating feasible plans for most customers' budgets.


6. They won’t try to oversell you.

roofer cutting shingles

Qualified roofing professionals should take the time to show you different options applicable to your budget and roofing style, but they shouldn't push you towards a product you truly are not interested in. Heed their advice in order to identify the best option among the average, but don't blindly follow their advice.

Your roof is a huge aspect of your home and it should be treated with care and respect. A true professional will not only respect your property, but they'll respect you as well.