4 Ways Your Roofing Contractor Can Go Above and Beyond

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Customer satisfaction is vital for a roofing contractor to stay in business. It establishes their company as reputable, but it also generates referrals that they can nurture for more revenue.

Seeing how beneficial a happy customer is, it’s surprising how many contractors don’t go out of their way to make sure homeowners are completely satisfied.

Let’s examine four small ways a roofing contractor can go above and beyond their competition.

Evaluate their professional image

How to get a good roofing contractor

First impressions count for a lot, and a roofer’s overall image is no exception.

A roofer can immediately inspire confidence by arriving clean, wearing branded shirts and supplies, and using well-functioning equipment. Not all qualified roofers work from a truck with their company logo painted on it, but a rusted out van does not inspire the same peace of mind.

Additionally, roofers who speak well and avoid inappropriate language around the job site will make a homeowner feel at ease. If your contractor arrives in some form of uniform and speaks politely and professionally, it's a good sign for your project.

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Place a high emphasis on property protection

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A responsible contractor should emphasize the importance of protecting your property.

From rose gardens to cars to prominent landscaping features, they should have a strategy in place to avoid sensitive areas.

Unfortunately, even experienced roofers occasionally damage property; from scuffed siding to a banged up A/C unit, accidents do occur, but homeowners should be compensated justly. Review the roofing contractor and make sure there’s a section outlining property damage.

If it’s not written in the contract, ask them about what equipment they have to minimize potential problems. They should at least have a few tarps and a dumpster rental company on file to manage debris.


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Look for a thank you

How to find a good roofer

Written thank you notes are not exactly the norm in the roofing industry, but they are a key indicator of a practice separating run-of-the-mill roofers from the true professionals.

A roofer who takes the time to send a thank you note for your business is truly conveying their appreciation. And they know you’ll likely be telling friends and family about it. A thank you note or gesture can take the form of a gift card to a local business, a branded promotional item like a tape measurer, or an actual handwritten note.

There’s no way to know this aspect of a roofer until after the project, but I’m sure you won’t soon forget it if they do.

Notice how problems are handled

How to find good roofing contractors

Regardless of the level of expertise and experience your roofer has, there’s guaranteed to be some unforeseen problems. And potential problems have the ability to snowball, getting large and larger the longer they’re ignored.

So God forbid you hear one of the contractors say “That’s not my problem,” or even worse, getting multiple phone calls from the boss asking you how you want to solve the issue. Isn’t that what I’m paying you for?

A well-functioning roofing team should have the organization and communication skills to quickly solve unexpected problems as they arise. A professional contracting business should employ responsible people willing to jump in and tackle issues they did not expect. All of this should occur with as little hassle to you as possible unless it involves an increase in the final project cost.

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