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Metal Roofers in Mesa, AZ

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Serving Mesa, AZ

Shaughnessy Contracting offers fully warranted metal and stone coated metal roofing services. We help you identify the right roofing system for your home or business to work with your budget. Our specialty roofs are durable, long-lasting and will increase your curb appeal and market value.

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1733 E McKellips Rd #106Tempe, AZ 85281

We offer expert residential & commercial metal roofing solutions in Tempe and surrounding areas. Summit is a licensed, certified roofing contractor offering a variety of metal roofing options, including standing seam, architectural zinc, Decra and more. Metal roofs offer superior durability and exceptional value.

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4809 E. Thistle Landing # 100Phoenix, AZ 85044

Founded in 1996, Canyon State Roofing has grown to become Phoenix’s premier commercial and residential roofing contractor. We are fully licensed, insured and hold multiple industry certifications. We offer expertise in metal roofing. Metal roofs are excellent at reflecting harmful UV rays and last decades longer than traditional roofs.

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526 S. Cactus WrenGilbert, AZ 85296

Five Guys Construction provides roof repair work on residential and commercial metal roofs. We focus on replacing metal roofing panels and sealing your metal roof against water damage. With over 25 years in the business, you can trust your metal roof repair is in good hands.

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More on Metal Roofs

Is metal roofing expensive?

Metal roofing is more expensive than traditional shingle roofing upfront, but the total cost of ownership can't be beat.

Metal roofing lasts three times longer than asphalt shingles but only costs an average of two times more. In other words, you’ll have to replace an asphalt shingle roof three times before you would have to replace a metal roof one time

What type of metal roofing is best—steel or aluminum?

Steel and aluminum are two of the most common types of metal roofing.

Steel has many benefits:

  • stronger than aluminum
  • typically less expensive than aluminum
  • less susceptible to fire damage than aluminum

Aluminum has benefits to consider, too:

  • lighter than steel
  • doesn't have to go through a coating process like steel
  • doesn't rust when located near oceans

Determine the specific needs of your property and pick a metal roofing material that best suits those needs.

Read on: The Homeowner's Complete Metal Roofing Guide


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