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GKL Companies, Inc. has been serving Northern Alabama since 1991. They offer only the highest quality construction and roofing services, including built-up roofing, flat roofs, custom sheet metal fabrication, standing seam metal roofing, and more.

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Oxford Quality Roofing
903 Caffey Dr, Oxford, AL 36203
(256) 835-7152
Reliable Roofing
617 Ledford St, Weaver, AL 36277
(256) 624-0360
Quality Roofing & Construction
212 Mountain Ave, Oxford, AL 36203
(256) 375-8200
Reynolds Roofing
2610 County Road 67, Piedmont, AL 36272
(256) 557-3543
Curvin's Roofing & Siding
461 School Cutoff, Jacksonville, AL 36265
(256) 435-2233
M & E Metal Roofing Specialist
4556 Hollingsworth Rd, Jacksonville, AL 36265
(256) 591-0092
200 Coffee St SW, Jacksonville, AL 36265
(256) 435-1966

Roofing Tips for Saks, AL

How much does it cost to install a new roof?

Various factors play a role in determining your roofing quote. Here are a few of the biggest cost factors:

  • Size of the roof and complexity of it. A larger, complex roof (multiple hips and gables, for example) will cost more to replace compared to a small, simple roof design.
  • Roof pitch - Steeper sloped roofs are more challenging to work on and require additional labor costs.
  • Layers of roofing material to be torn off – Multiple layers of shingles, for instance, generates a lot of waste which drives up labor and disposal costs.
  • Type of roofing material and quality of itMetal and slate roofs cost more but tend to last longer than less expensive alternatives, like asphalt shingles and wood shakes.

TIP: Use Hometown’s Roofing Cost Calculator to view roofing project costs near you.

Can the new roofing material be installed over top of the old roof?

Yes, if the underlying roof structure is in good shape and able to handle the weight of the additional roofing material. This is a cost-effective solution that eliminates the costs associated with tearing off the old roofing materials.

If you already have several layers of old asphalt shingles, the roofing company may have no choice but to tear off the heavy, deteriorating shingles to safely install the new roof. You really can’t know for sure until the roofing contractor does their initial inspection of the roof as to whether you can install the new roof over top the old one or if the old roofing material must be torn off first.

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