Hometown Roofing Contractors is the simple way to find the best roofing contractors. We list verified credentials, roofing costs, and real reviews on roofing companies in your hometown.

Verified Credentials for Roofing Contractors

Hometown makes it simple to separate the professional roofing contractors from the unemployed guy with a hammer that woke up one day and started calling himself a roofer.   At Hometown, we only list the pro's.  Each roofing contractor provides evidence of a contractors or roofers license (if required in your state), liability insurance, and other credentials before they can be listed on Hometown.  No "fly-by-night" roofers here!

Real Reviews on Roofing Contractors (as opposed to the fake ones)

Many of the reviews on the web these days are fake.  Indeed, an entire industry has popped up to write fake reviews for roofing contractors and other service providers on sites like Yelp, Google, Yellow Pages and others.  We think this is a big problem, so we carefully human-verify every roofing review to ensure that it comes from an actual customer.   No more roofing reviews from sneaky competitors, roofing company employees, or relatives. A Hometown review is a real review!

What Did Your Neighbor Pay for Their Roof?

Until now, the cost of roofing hasn't been very transparent.  Hometown is putting an end to that nonsense.  We gather roofing costs from actual roof repair and roof replacement projects around the country, making it simpler to get a ballpark understanding of what your roof might cost.

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