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Find a great roofing contractor in Washougal, WA for roof replacement or repair. Hometown makes it easy to find the top, local roofers by gathering and publishing trusted reviews from real customers, verified credentials, and costs from other roofing projects near you. 

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All Comp Roofing has over 17 years of professional roofing experience.  We take great pride in the quality of our work and top-notch customer service. Our training, competitive rates, and attention to detail ensures that your project will be completed with quality workmanship at a price homeowners can afford.

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Washougal, WA Roofing Contractor Projects and Prices

Shingle Roof Repair in Washougal, WA

There's a small leak on the other side of the roof that needs repairs. The vent flashing is leaking. I have leftover shingles to use with the repair, and the roof is walkable.

Quoted Cost:$375
Roofing Cost Details: 

Roof Repair in Washougal, WA

I needed to replace the collars around the roof vents. There were four vents on the roof and the rubber on two of the four had cracked and were leaking.

Final Cost:$40
Roofing Cost Details: 
Repair roof vent collars

Hire a Great Roofing Company in Washougal, WA

Whether you have a leaky roof that needs repair or need a full tear off and replacement due to the age or condition of your roof, hiring the right roofer will have the biggest impact on your satisfaction with the finished project. Here's a few tips.

What's the best way to verify that a roofer is qualified?

Hometown has attempted to make this easier by verifying roofing contractor credentials and collecting trusted reviews.  Select any roofer you're interested in to see their list of verified credentials and any existing reviews collected to date.

Still, the best way to confirm a roofing contractor has a license, insurance, and certifications that are current, is to ask to see these documents at the time of the roofing estimate.

Keep in mind, professional credentials doesn't necessarily mean that a particular roofing company is the right one for your job.  License and insurance certainly don't guarantee that a roofer has the right skill set.  Find a contractor that has demonstrated expertise with the type of roof you need.  Proper installation technique for a metal roof is very different than a shingle roof.

Do roofing contractors typically warranty their work?

Homeowners often get confused about warranties from roofing companies.  The primary warranty you hear about tend to be long-term (15 - 50 years) warranties from the manufacturer of the roofing material.  These warranties really have very little to do with the contractor, except that these warranties are typically voided if the roofer installed the roof improperly.

So roofing companies pick up the slack by providing their own warranty, typically referred to as a "workmanship warranty" or a "leak free" guarantee of some sort.  Workmanship warranties are shorter in duration, typically 1 to 5 years and usually cover defective installation only.  Weather, acts of God, etc... are excluded. Rely on your homeowners insurance policy for storm damage to your roof.

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