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Take action to repair your roof in Princeton, Texas at the first indication of trouble. Signs that you may need a roof repair contractor are ceiling or wall stains, condensation in your attic below the roofing surface, and ice damming.  

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Paradigm Roofing have the expertise and experience to detect roof leaks around chimneys, flashings, and skylights.  We offer cost effective and timely roofing solutions by highly trained, certified roofing specialists.  We specialize in residential and commercial roof repair and roof maintenance.  

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HALO Storm Restoration is comprised of dedicated professionals that will inspect and repair your deteriorating or leaking roof.  We are a trusted provider of both residential and commercial roof repair work. From missing to old shingles, a leaking chimney or flashing, trust HALO Storm Restoration.

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iON Roofing will evaluate your roofs condition and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Damage to your roof left unrepaired will deteriorate the structure underneath which can be dangerous and expensive to fix. We have a proven record of diagnosing and fixing complex roofing issues, accessing difficult spots and being able to trouble shoot the most difficult roofing problems.

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You will not find a more qualified, knowledgable and experienced contractor serving the Austin, Houston, and Dallas Metro areas. We offer affordable roof repairs for missing, broken and damaged shingles, bad flashing, and leaking roofs.

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Roof Repair FAQs in Princeton, TX

Strong winds blew some shingles off the roof. Can the damaged areas be patched up?

Most of the time your roofing contractor will be able to replace damaged or lost shingles caused by a hail or wind storm. The roofer will install new shingles, along with any necessary sheathing, gutters or underlayment. It's usually a quick and relatively inexpensive repair.

If the extent of the damage is quite severe, it may be worth exploring a shingle roof replacement, especially if the existing shingles are more than 10-15 years old. The average lifespan of a shingle roof is 10-17 years; in this case, replacing all of the shingles may be a more cost-effective option.

DIY roofing repairs vs. hiring a licensed roofing contractor

It’s never a good idea to fix your own leaky roof if you have no roofing experience. Even if you have some roofing experience, it’s always smart to call a roofing contractor to come take a look at the roof before trying to fix it yourself. The cost savings of a DIY job may be less than you think.  Plus, doing your own DIY repair may void the warranty of the roof. These are all things to consider before tackling the repair job on your own.

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