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Choose an experienced roof repair contractor in West Linn, OR.  Get help with emergency roof leaks, flashing repair, chimney and skylight leaks, missing shingles, and more.  Hometown is the #1 source to find qualified roofing professionals that specialize in fixing damaged roofs.

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Roof RX specializes in roof leak detection and repairs. We provide same day service on most residential and commercial roof repairs. Common signs a repair is necessary is missing, broken, blistered and cracked roof shingles. Call today for roof maintenance and inspection with Roof RX.

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Frequently Asked Roof Repair Questions in West Linn, OR

Two types of roofing warranties explained:

  1. Manufacturer warranties: These warranties cover the roofing material for quality and defects. Length of roofing warranties typically range between five years on up to lifetime guarantees. Roofs having lifetime warranties usually are made from more durable materials and cost more than those with five year warranties. Keep in mind these warranties do not cover you against damage from natural disasters or bad installations. They cover defects in the material only, something which is rare with top-name manufacturers.
  2. Workmanship warranty from the roofing contractor:  These warranties are offered by your local roofer and essentially guarantee the roofers workmanship on the installation of the roof. The terms of each individual warranty differ, but it will most often cover roof leaks and other damage related to the installation.  Again, natural disasters or weather-related incidents are not typically covered by the roofer's warranty - check your homeowner's policy for that.  Workmanship warranties vary in length, often anywhere from one to five years from the installation date. There's really no industry standard, so the length of time may vary. Make sure you have the warranty on-hand and stored away in a safe place in case problems arise in the future.

How much can I expect to pay to fix my flat roof?

Minor flat roof repairs, such as a small patch-up job on a rubber roof, often cost as little as $100 to $300 to fix. If an entire section of the roof needs to be replaced, such as a sheet of EPDM, the cost would be higher. Check with a local roofer to get an accurate estimate for your roof repair.

New sheathing, insulation, vapor barrier, flashing and gutters are other expenses that may factor into the total price of the roof repair if any or all of these items are damaged or in need of repair.

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