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Finding a quality roofing contractor in Dayton, Ohio is simpler with Hometown. We verify roofing services and credentials, along with gathering trusted reviews from real customers. Find the most reliable and affordable roofers in your hometown.  

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4110 Jordan Rd, Lewisburg, OH 45338, Lewisburg, OH

American Siding and Roofing has provided quality, affordable roofing in Ohio for over 4 decades. Our quality crews are factory trained and well prepared for any roofing issue.  We'll deliver excellent results on storm damage repairs, leak detection, insurance claims assistance, and any roof replacement or repair.

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(937) 204-3137
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2350 Lower Bellbrook Rd, Spring Valley, OH 45370

Weathershield is a professional roofing company that specializes in a variety of roofing styles, designs, and techniques. We offer both residential and commercial roof replacement backed with long term warrantied to guarantee success.  

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(937) 317-1476
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Serving Dayton, OH

Cincinnati Gutter & Roof Protection has been serving the Greater Cincinnati area with affordable and professional roof replacement since 1991. We specialize in algae-free Atlas shingle roofing systems that come with a long-term written warranty. We treat your home like our own and are not satisfied until you are.

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(513) 655-2042
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Serving Dayton, OH

Ultra Guard Home Improvements has over 20 years of experience replacing residential and commercial roofing systems. We only use premium materials follows by the highest quality workmanship.  What makes us successful as a company and as individuals is honesty, integrity and hard work. 

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(513) 713-0605

Unverified Roofing Contractors

Pleimann Roofing & Siding
293 Annette Dr, Dayton, OH 45458
(937) 299-9360
Northstar Roofing
1064 Wild Horse Dr, Dayton, OH 45458
(937) 240-2188
Security Roofing
4420 Taylorsville Rd, Dayton, OH 45424
(937) 640-3449
Tuttle Roofing
843 Factory Rd, Dayton, OH 45434
(937) 427-8990
Wayne Overhead Door Sales & Home Improvements
9073 State Route 48, Dayton, OH 45458
(513) 422-4500
Northstar Exteriors Llc
6344 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, OH 45459
(937) 432-9789
A Choice Roofing Llc
1291 Lyons Rd, Dayton, OH 45458
(937) 439-7663
Roofing Solutions Inc
7045 Corporate Way, Dayton, OH 45459
(937) 433-1880
David Horn Construction
5724 Resik Dr, Dayton, OH 45424
(937) 718-1210
B K Contracting Llc
5279 Webster St, Dayton, OH 45414
(937) 277-2525

Dayton, OH Roofing Contractor Projects and Prices

Roof Replacement with 30-Year White Dimensional Shingles in Dayton, OH

I had 5 layers of shingles and one layer of cedar shake taken off of my 3-story sloped roof, along with all the old sheathing boards. We installed all new OSB and 2,400 square feet of 30-year white dimensional shingles.

Final Cost:$10,200
Roofing Cost Details: 
Removed five layers of shingles and 1 layer of cedar shake, removed all sheathing, installed new OSB, installed 24 squares of 30-year white dimensional shingles

Tips on Roofing in Dayton, OH

What factors go into the estimate prices of roofing companies?

Estimate prices from local roofing contractors may vary widely based on the details of your particular roof. Here' a few of the key factors that have the biggest impact on roofing cost.

  • Roof size - Roof size is quoted in "squares" (100 square feet = 1 square).
  • Roof slope - Steeper sloped roofs are more challenging to work on and will require higher labor costs.
  • Roofing material - Metal roofing lasts longer than shingles, but costs more. Architectural shingles cost more than 3-tab shingles. Specialty roofing materials like slate roofing or shake roofing, cost more for the material and the installation than a basic shingle roof installation.
  • Material grade - Better quality materials will cost significantly more. For example, a shingle with a 30 year warranty will cost more than a shingle with a 15 year warranty.
  • Existing roofing material to be removed - If the existing roof needs to be removed, significant cost will be added to your estimate.  Tear off and proper disposal of existing roof layers is a significant part of the cost of any re-roofing project. More layers cost more to remove and more to dispose of.

How do I know if a roofing contractor is properly licensed and insured?

For roofers listed on Hometown, we've done the initial homework for you.  At the time a roofing company was listed, they provided the appropriate state license (if required by your state) and liability insurance.  Select the name of a contractor you're interested in to see more information, including a list of verified credentials for that contractor.

Hometown's screening process means the roofer produced a valid Ohio license (if required) and insurance certificates at the time of the screening, but it's possible that the status of the license or insurance could have changed in the meantime. So, it's a best practice to ask to see evidence of the roofers' license and insurance certificates at the time of your estimate.

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