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Long Island Liberty Construction has over 20 years of experience in the roofing industry. We specialize in residential roof replacement and roof repairs. Metal roofing is a great residential roofing option. It holds up to extreme weather conditions, outlasts most other roofing materials, and comes in many different colors and styles.

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Metal Roof FAQs for Shelter Island, NY

How much does it cost to fix a metal roof?

As with any roof repair, the cost varies depending upon the amount of labor involved, cost of materials, your geographic location and complexity of the job. However, fixing an isolated leak in a metal roof by replacing a panel, shingle or tile can save thousands of dollars over replacing the entire roof. A small leak repair on a metal roof may cost as little as $100 on up to $1,000 or more based upon the factors above.

Won't a metal roof rust over time?

As with any type of metal, the potential for rust is possible, but not likely in today's metal roofs. Modern metal roofing is coated with layers of weather-resistant enamel that protects it from rust. The paint used on metal roofing products are also designed to last long and prevent rust. Be sure to check the warranty of the particular roofing product to make sure rust is covered as part of the warranty.

Your local roofing contractor can explain in further detail about how today's metal roofing is more weather-resistant than ever before.

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