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Hometown provides trusted reviews and credentials for roof repair experts in Oxon Hill, Maryland. If your roof is showing signs of wear and tear or deterioration, contact a roofing repair company below to evaluate and repair your roof.

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If your roof is leaking or damaged, quickly contacting a roof repair contractor to repair your roof may enable you to avoid further damage to your roof or even the interior of your home. Select "Get a Free Quote" and Hometown will forward your request out to a few of the top roofers in your area, requesting they contact you to set up an inspection of your roof.
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Tips for Roofing Repairs in Oxon Hill, MD

A hailstorm damaged my roof. Now what?

Hail damage can be significant. Here are a few quick steps you can take in the event your roof is damaged by hail:

  1. Check with the roofing manufacturer to see if the damage is covered under warranty (It typically will not be covered)
  2. If the roof is leaking, contact a Hometown roofing contractor as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of further damage to the roof, structure and interior of the home
  3. Cover the damaged area (if possible) with a tarp to shield the exposed sheathing and insulation from moisture
  4. Have your roofing contractor provide an evaluation of the roof to give to your homeowner's insurance agent

DIY roof leak repairs

There are products on the market, such as “rubber in a can,” designed to seal leaky roofs, gutters and flashing. These products are very temporary fixes, if at all. It’s always better to contact a roofing contractor for a repair estimate.  Here’s why:

  • Doing the repair yourself may void any existing roof warranties
  • Falling off a roof really hurts - safety first!
  • The repair may be more complex than you realize. You may end up making the damage worse
  • The difference in cost between hiring a roofer and doing the work yourself is less than you may think
  • Many roofing companies include a warranty on the repair work and will fix it for free if it starts to leak again

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