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If you need metal roofing in Harford County, MD,  get the job done right with one of the contractors listed on Hometown.  We have reviews and credentials on roofers experienced with steel roofing, aluminum roofing, copper roofs, and more.

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Grablis Construction takes great pride in being metal roofing specialists. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and offer LIFETIME Warranties on our workmanship and materials. We use premium materials and are committed to quality service. 

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Arocon Roofing is fully licensed and insured and affiliated with the Metal Roofing Alliance and the Better Business Bureau.  Our roofing crews are certified for metal roofing application on both residential and commercial properties.  We stay current with zoning laws, building permits and homeowner association guidelines. 

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Metal Roofing Frequently Asked Questions

Is metal roofing a sustainable choice?

Absolutely! Most metal roofing products are made from recycled metals, such as aluminum and steel. Additionally, metal roofs are energy efficient since metal is effective at deflecting the sun’s rays. Less heat generated means lower energy bills for you.

Since metal roofs typically last 30 to 50 years or more, they are considered a "green" choice because one metal roof is equal to about two or three asphalt shingle roofs in terms of lifespan.

Low-slope metal roofs

Metal roofing is an ideal choice for low-slope roofs having a slope greater than 1:12 (one-inch drop every 12 inches in length). According to the National Institute of Building Sciences, a roof with a slope less than 1:12 should choose a different type of roofing material other than metal (i.e. rubber roofing).

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