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Locating quality contractors for roof repair in Black Forest, Colorado is simple with Hometown.  Our verified credentials and reviews on roofing companies offers confidence that your selecting a reputable contractor.  Each roofing review we gather is human-verified to make certain that the review is authentic and from an actual customer.

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When it comes to repair work, no one works harder than Rocky Mountain Constructors LLC. We have the skill set to diagnose and repair any type of roof problem. From flashing around chimneys, to missing, broken or damaged shingles, to all out roof damage and interior leaks, Rocky Mountain has you covered!

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Great Western Roofing & Construction is a full service roofing company that focuses on roofing repairs and replacement.  If your roof is showing signs of age or damage, call Great Western Roofing.  We will assess your roof for preventative maintenance or detect the exact location of your roof leak and give you affordable options to repair or replace your existing roof.

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Black Forest, CO Roofing Repair Tips

Common flat roof issues that should be addressed

  • Leaks at the seams between adjoining membranes
  • Damage to flashing caused by weathering, moisture, fallen debris or fungus
  • Cracked sheathing caused by water damage
  • Deterioration of the roofing material caused by standing water (ponding)

Your flat roof should be inspected periodically for signs of blistering, swelling, deep pooling, cracks and damage caused by weather or fallen debris. It’s also important to inspect the ceilings for leaks; small leaks may not seem like much but will only get worse if not repaired.

Contact a roof repair contractor if you notice any of the issues mentioned above. Ignoring the problem or resorting to temporary DIY repairs is usually not the best option. A minor leak can lead to a full roof replacement if not repaired properly.

What can I expect to pay for tile roof repairs?

Tile roofs – concrete, slate, or clay – are some of the most durable roofing options on the market today. That doesn’t mean, however, that tile roofs are exempt from being damaged by extreme weather or a poor installation. The problem with fixing a damaged tile roof is the cost.  Tile roof repairs are not cheap. It is far more expensive than fixing a shingle roof.

The cost of the repair is directly related to the type of tile and how much of the tile roof needs repair. Replacing a few cracked tiles will typically run at least $300 to $600 depending upon the work involved. The cost of the repair rises as material costs and complexity of the fix increases.

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